Bombardment of the American people, coming fast & furious, in the form of one crisis on top of another, is no accident. It’s all part of a grand scheme, concocted by a few in power, whose abnormal lust for power is to rule the world. In order to rule the world, the conquering power must be in control of the United States, first.

Ours is not the first country dismantled and taken over by a few who lust for power. The pattern route is in our history books in the stories of former civilizations. Several criteria relative to the route and manner that this take-over of the people is accomplished. Not the least of which is confusing the people by deliberate acts of destruction, and constant lying. Which is accomplished by created crisis, one on top of another.

All one needs to do to observe the pattern of Crises, is take an objective look at all the happenings in this early part of this century. Currently there’s a series of crisis, internally in the U.S., plus cost and involvement connected with other countries. Problems man-made and created, internally and externally.

There’s a huge problem, created by those elected in power which has caused a debt of over 17 trillion dollars in this country. We have an internal Revenue department with 90 thousand employees, involved in acts of lying, spying, and thievery; as reported in the news daily.

A Veterans Administration also involved in lying, spying, denying, and prying into the lives of injured soldiers. Many acts and decisions in the VA, reportedly causing deaths.

Then there’s the on-going news story about the Benghazi killings of Americans, serving this nation in other countries. Plus the story of the American Marine wrongly jailed in Mexico.

Stories about government mishandling of prisorners in Gitmo. Plus stories of release of convicted crimminals here in U.S.

Daily stories about mishandling of affairs with Ukraine, Syria, Iran, And Iraq, costing American taxpayers millions with no resolutions nor solutions to the ongoing problems.

So many ongoing problems with legalized drugs and continual problems in the billion-dollar industry of schooling, in the 50 states, with regular uprisings of killings of students. In less than two weeks, in July, a huge tax increase going into effect..

Just to mention a few of the man-made created problems, compounded by the influx of illegal children being dumped in this country. The United States is a nation of Producers and non-producers. The burden of non-producers on those working producers increasing daily. Why is that?

None of these problems are being solved while more are added on a continuous basis, while those in charge of the money, the military, schools, hospitals, food supply and every other phase of our lives, talking the talk to keep the crises coming and not walking the walk. Ignoring the laws of the Constitution in most cases.

So what, one might ask, can an individual in this nation do about conditions? Nothing, until you understand what’s going on, who’s behind the created crises, and the purpose behind all of it. And how can one do that?

In the takeover of a people, by a small number, throughout history, has been accomplished with one basic tenet in common, and that’s a set-up to cause fear & confusion among those designated to rule over. The only way any individual can comprehend the reality of all that’s taking place, is to choose any one of the created crisis situations, with a decision to understand it, by taking the time to dissect and unravel just one of the created crisis situations. It only requires one take the time and effort to understand the meaning of just one created crisis, to dispel the fear and confusion of all the others.

Simply because it’s in the grand scheme of takeover of this United States by a sinister force, to dismantle, transform and replace with a system of bondage, contrary to individual freedom. This is being accomplished by all the created cases of crises. And all any individual needs to do is understand just one of them to comprehend the meaning and game plan by all the rest of them. We are being enslaved via “group-think” and a part of that game plan is to promote confusion and fear, to accomplish the end game.
No one can solve any problem, with out first understanding what the problem is. And trying to understand the reason & cause behind our current delemma, only adds to ones confusion by taking all into consideration at once.

Only by taking advantage of one’s Free-choice and selecting just one, and taking the time and effort to understand just one Crises, now in progress, can one dispel confusion and fear, and come up with a decision as to what you as an individual can do in your own life to change things.

One must recognize the end result of current goings on, of the political game plan to be motivated to understand. First one must be informed as to just what the motivation is behind all the crises in motion. Plus the names of those behind the game plan. How it started and why. There’s nothing accidental about current conditions, but the result of a well organized plan, by a small group of individuals set out to accomplish total rulership over a once free people.

If one has cancer, the individual knows the end result is death, unless one faces the cause, discovers the cure, and acts to implement, to defeat and overcome. All the crises we now face in this country are simply symptomatic of the game plan, set in motion by a small group of power grabbers, to accomplish their end-game goal. To reduce this nation to a state of bondage, to suit the aim of these few power brokers. And it’s not going away, unless individuals of this nation wake up to the reality of what’s taking place, with a decision to act individually to stop and reverse.

And a prerequisite to a solution is taking the time to comprehend all that’s behind just one of the major crises, to grasp the meaning of all the others. Because more and more will be forthcoming, you can count on that to take place. It’s a pattern.

I have just completed a series of three articles, titled Political Munchausens Syndrome by Proxy. In these articles I describe how and why the politicians desire Control and Attention, the driving force behind the conditions we face today, which is the verge of disaster, dismantling a way of life, Liberty and private property ownership, spoken of in the Declaration of Independence and guaranteed in U.S. Constitution’s “Bill of Rights.”

This Declaration and Constitutional guarantee, now overtaken by a small group of men in power, ignoring the laws, replaced by their edicts, setting up crisis to implement, their plans, “transforming America.”

Reported by David Nichols, 1993: “As a first time drug law offender, I was sentenced to 27 non-parolable years in prison. The amount of time was based on liquid waste found in the garage and unprocessed chemicals. There were no drugs.”



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