Here we are inthe midst of another Hillary news blitz, past few days, advertising release of her new book, Hard Choices.

Hillary is a lady, making the news way back when. Back when she was the wife of Arkansaw Governor Bill Clinton. She was an attorney with a law firm in the news from time to time about such things as “Whitewater,” coupled with news stories about Bill Clinton’s popularity with other ladies.

Hillary Clinton has been First Lady of President Bill Clinton, Second lady of President Barack Obama, as Secretary of State. She has been a U.S. Senator from New York, a candidate for President in the 2008 election year (opposing Obama). She is an in-demand, highly paid speaker, has written several books, and is now on an appearance tour, advertising her latest book. Making a lot of fuss about whether she will run for President again in 2016. It’s a cat & mouse game listening to her toying with the news media about whether or not she will run in 2016.

She is the mother of Chelsea and the news reports say about to become a grandmother. She has been around a long time, mostly involved in one political situation after another, but I don’t know of any earth-shaking events of accomplishment on her behalf, despite the fact she has held a number of political, government jobs.

I don’t usually give much advance thought about any subject I write articles on. I usually just wake up and whatever pops into my head, I write about. However, for the past several days I’ve had this gnawing feeling to write about Hillary. It keeps popping into my head, the story of her life is like a fairy tale, a three-act Broadway staged play. Despite all her news exposure, there seems a mystery about her game plan, of cat & mouse back & forth as to whether she will run for president in 2016 or not.

I’m always trying to figure things out, and in reference to the mystery about Hillary, in this connection, in my imagination, I began viewing her story of future actions and decisions as a fairy tale. The supposition in my imaginary analysis goes like this: Suppose there really is no serious consideration she will be a candidate for President in 2016. The power-grab high President now sailing on, does not indicate he has any plans of giving it up when his second term runs out.

The Constitution prohibits a third term, but President Roosevelt managed to stay in office a lifetime. Does President Obama have plans to use pen & phone, to manage to remain in office? If that doesn’t work, is a secondary plan to run Michelle as the candidate for the next 2016 term?

We have never had a female president of the United States. We had never had a Catholic President Before Kennedy, and never a Black president before Obama. Before the election of Kennedy or Obama, a lot of news saturation, to overcome any prejudice against a Catholic or a Black man to pave the way for their election. Suppose, hypothetically, the game plan of politics is not for Hillary to be the next Democratic candidate for 2016; instead all the hype of news conditioning to accept a woman as president, is the prelude to paving the way for Michelle Obama to be the next candidate.

Keep in mind politics is a con game of keeping one’s eye on one ball while another in the air poised to be elected. Despite any small, insignificant differences, Hillary, Bill And Obama, pretty much on same page in their plans for this Nation. Could it be all the effort to keep Hillary in the news, is in actuality designed for the voter to accept a Woman as president, if any effort By President Obama fails to install him for a third term? Is it all a sort of psychic conditioning, to have the public accept a woman as President, before announcing Michelle will be the candidate?

My imagination was running in overtime as I listened to Hillary being interviewed by Diane Sawyer this week, and the cat & mouse game play about whether or not she will run in 2016. In the meantime, milking the news to further her book sales and up her ante for high-paying speaking gigs. Despite any way the wind blows, the current game plan a winning situation, for politicians in the forefront of leading the pack, to rule over this country, and manage the liberal press news output.

We already know, it is not the modus operandi of President Obama to reveal his plans for his next move ahead of time when it comes to anything. Instead he leads the American people in one direction, before switching to a different agenda as he did over Obamacare. It may just be my imagination, but my sense of plans for the 2016 reelection of a Democrat
have already been decided behind closed doors. And all that’s being promoted currently is the same old bait and switch game of politics, this regime is so adept at.

I’m not a political activist, but an ordinary citizen with a deep love of freedom and Country, with grave concerns about the future of America for my grandchildren. I admit sometimes my imagination runs away as I try to figure things out as they happen. Things are moving so rapidly towards a totalitarian one world System, replacing the one we have, as Bette Davis said in the movie, “Buckle up and get set for a rocky ride.”

Phil Treb of THE New American said: “If we wont choose to pay the price of Liberty, then by default we shall suffer the cost of servitude – whether it be the iron chains of a tyrannical oligarchy or the regulatory chains of un-elected, faceless bureaucrats. When we witness our neighbors abused by tyrants, will we sulk away and hope we’re not next? Or will we stand by them and challenge – as freedom loving Americans – the tyranny of lawless leaders?”



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