Is there a connection between Leadership, Private property ownership and Freedom? Let’s begin with leadership. To lead means go ahead and show the way, to conduct performance. We take a small child by the hand to lead across the street. An orchestra conductor leads the musicians. A Boy Scout leader points the way. A CEO leads the direction of a business. A parent leads the children. A ship’s captain sets the direction of the ship & leads the way. We could go on infinitum, naming areas of leadership, which seem necessary to sustain and maintain a way of life in many areas.

Secondly, it is necessary to own private property to sustain life. Which begins with ownership of ourselves. There are two criteria to defining ownership. It must have a boundary, and the one claiming ownership must have control. Can’t own anything which does not have a boundary, nor own anything which requires permission, aside from one’s control. When and if it does, it changes the meaning to a sort of share-cropper position. Then there’s a third criteria to defining ownership, and that is you don’t own anything, you cannot destroy, without obtaining permission from some other.

I’m not speaking of the wisdom to destroy or not to destroy, I simply accept the position it is necessary to destroy to sustain life. It may sound like an over-simplification, but we own a hamburger as we destroy it while eating, and we own the tree we rightfully own, to cut down & destroy to build a house. We own the wood, we destroy for a fire to heat. I could go on naming many things necessary to destroy in order to sustain life. The point is it is necessary to own property, partly because by our nature we are destroyers to sustain life.

Which brings us to the subject of Freedom, which by definition is self-responsibility and self control. Which has an underlying implication of rationale. Which means having the faculty of reason. The logical basis for something, to make decisions. Having freedom means we can make illogical decisions, so long as it does not interfere nor impinge across the boundaries of the ownership of another. Despite the fact Freedom means we can do as we choose with that which we own, it does not mean we can act as we choose with the private property of another, without owner’s permission.

In the beginning of the formation of the government for this country, there was an underlying emphasis on individual freedom, private property ownership, and laws set forth in a Constitution, designed to lead this country for protection from foreign and domestic enemies. The protection from enemies was in essence protection to sustain Life, Liberty and Property.

However in just over 200 years, all has changed, and life, freedom and private property are under siege by the very government originally designed to protect those things. Not by some outside foreign enemy, but domestically from within. We the people set it up and let it happen, by failure of the eternal vigilance required to be free.

Knowingly, and willingly, we abandoned that self-control and self responsibility to be free by, turning that power over to 535 elected representatives, nine supreme court, and one president. Which means now 545, individual Americans are now ruling over the lives, freedom and property of over 300 million Americans.. When you stop and look at those numbers and what has happened in this country, it seems so surreal and unfathomable. But the reality is we are where we are because of the decisions we the people have made.

If we are honest with ourselves and admit the role we have played to bring us to this brink of disaster, and recognizing the role we have played to bring it all about, particularly recognizing, the takeover of our health care by this centralized power is the last straw, of invasion of Freedom and private property, an honest appraisal, should stir our intellectual mettle and guts, enough to spark a desire to reclaim our birthright to Freedom and private property ownership. And if it did we would throw all those in power out of power, and take back this country. As things stand today we have lost it. And Freedom and private property ownership are skeletons of the past in history books.

We never lived in a perfect world, however at one time in our history, we had the most nearly perfect system of government and leadership known to civilization. To live life responsibly in Freedom, to create and acquire the desires of our hearts.

We may have been entitled to wreck things for ourselves, but we are not entitled to do nothing about it for the sake of incoming generations. What’s our epitaph going to be? “Here lies the wreckers of the most nearly perfect life ever devised by man? Which was handed down to us by those who pledged their lives and fortunes to leave us the legacy of freedom?”

Nature is going to have its way, and it has never been the nature of Freedom, to have without a price tag to it.



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