It is difficult for the average person to wrap their thoughts around the degree of evil loose around the world, out to destroy mankind. So many violations to human decency it’s difficult to fathom the evil lurking in so many places.

This destructive sinister force has so invaded areas of our lives that to sustain life, it is subtle and devious. It is happening on yours and my watch. Most of the wrong-doings, are wrapped in political legal approval. One of the most devious acts perpetrated on the population around the world is the genetically modified food.

Last week when I went to the grocery store, I purchased a watermelon. When I cut it open, strange looking areas of white, with a sort of stringy inside, so I threw it out. I bought a cantalope, not quite ripe, left on my kitchen table to ripen, and it rotted before it ripened.

I went into Atlanta on a shopping spree, and stopped at my favorite barbecue place, for ribs and Southern Brunswick stew. A place I visited regularly when I lived in Atlanta, and nothing tasted the same. I only ate a few bites before throwing it in the garbage and walking out.

My last trip in, I went to my long-time favorite butcher shop in Decatur, and bought beef for my freezer. When I defrosted, marinated and cooked the filet mignon, it did not taste very good.

One of my favorite dishes is Lazania. Bought some lean ground beef and when I cooked it, kept having to drain water from it. The grocery store must grind then add water for weight.

I decided to revert back to Southern cornbread and cabbage, one of my favorite things. The cabbage did taste great, but I couldn’t find plain self-rising cornmeal in any store. It’s all, corn-meal mix, which means the cornmeal is mixed with flour. And floured corn-meal does not taste the same.
One might think, the route to take is finding “organically” grown foods, but even those are grown with same genetically modified seeds. So I went looking for a local farmer for some good corn. Thinking perhaps they save their seeds from year to year, to discover mostly “hybrids” and seeds saved from hybrids won’t reproduce.

It was just a few years ago, one U.S. Congressman, who was paid a lot of money by Monsanto, introduced a bill in Congress which passed with flying colors, to give Monsanto sole authority over control of seeds. Therefore all food growers mandated to buy seeds from Monsanto, which are genetically modified.

News reports, rats tested eating genetically modified foods become sick and some die. We the people have become a captive audience of a political system which controls the food supply, is in charge of health care, with all the rules & regulation which controls hospitals, doctors and drugs, then legalizes abortions.

In this once free country, we have voted into power a ruling Congress which has control over our lives, by mandated laws which control the very areas which support life, and those laws are unfavorable to maintaining and sustaining life.

With all the recent revelations about the modus operandi of Government-run Veterans Administration, and the number of victims who have died for absence of care, when there are billions in the till to take care of sick soldiers, coupled with the news about our food supply, and efforts to bring the entire population under the yolk of government controlled health-care, we the people are past due to wake from our slumber and realize what’s going on,

Another side note – one of my favorite foods is sourwood honey, which comes from bees in areas feasting off wild sourwood trees. Lately, it’s been difficult to find, because government spraying is killing off the bees, which not only create honey but pollinate the food supply..

If the seeds necessary to produce food are tampered with, plus poisonous sprays of agriculture products, which destroy bees at level of necessary pollination, plus all the restrictive laws in all levels of the grocery business, which permit untold numbers of additives.. after causing sickness, that same political government control, now mandating type of health care, whats it going to take, for the people to realize there’s a sinister force operating thru some individuals out to destroy us, the human race? All dressed up appearing before cameras, pitching the notion, they are acting in your best interest.

When we know political government is a “Con game” i.e. keep your eye on one ball, while they have others in the air. While the pitch is to keep the public attention on such things as “race” and “inequality”, constantly reminding you’re in charge with your vote, the con game marches on in full gear of the same propaganda, to enslave and control the masses. We’re not only at the end of the rope, its around our necks, choking the life out of a once free people. Without a shot being fired.

The bearer of bad news is never very popular, however we are at a stage in the conditions in this country, we must take our heads out of the sand if we are to survive, and face the reality of all that’s taking place today. Not tomorrow, but today..

What can I do you might ask? Not only is there plenty you can do, there’s plenty you must do if we are to survive. Once you admit and face the reality of the problem, which is imperative, no problem figuring out what to do about it.

The will to live and survive, absence bondage for yourself, your children and incoming generations, springs forth ideas and the courage to face the demons we the people elected which have brought us to this verge of disaster.

Thomas Jefferson, who drafted the Declaration of Independence said; “If the people let government decide what foods they eat, and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state, AS ARE THE SOULS OF THOSE WHO LIVE UNDER TYRANNY.COPY THAT QUOTE DOWN AND PASTE ON YOUR REFRIGERATOR, TODAY.


Just Me AC

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