On Top of a list of bombshell news items, from BUNDY RANCH, BENGHAZI, BUNGLED VETERANS AFFAIRS, to the latest Bungling by BARRY OVER BOWE, coming at a time the American people pretty much bombed out over trying to figure out what’s going on. Most so bedazzled by the onslaught of so much bad news, I suspect many feeling like a bad hangover, from so much coming on top of each news item.

The President of The United States, The Commander-in-Chief of the Military, appearing to make decisions contrary to the Constitution, The Congress, The Press and the people. Then speaking out with some strange rationale to justify his actions.

I personally spent twenty-four years of my life as the wife of a military officer, involved in World War Two, a year in Korea, a year in Vietnam, plus many other temporary duty assignments, like nine months in Burma, training Burmese to fly helicopters. As I recall, there were specific rules and regulations those in the military are ordered to adhere to, which were not up for debate. There was a pecking order to follow, specific to life in the military. One being the soldier’s requirement to follow orders of higher ranks.

In the current debacle, The President decided to release dyed in the wool terrorist, held captive at Gitmo, in exchange for one military sergeant, a young man in his twenties, named Bowe Berghdal, who according to the latest news deserted his platoon, wandered off in the night looking for the enemy to join up with, because he suffered from some kind of disillusion with his country, the military and his Platoon. Consequently in-communicado for past five years, living with the enemy.

The reason the President expresses for his decision to hand over to the enemy the five terroist detaines for the release of the one American Sargent is, because, the military has a rule not to leave any soldier behind.

The Commander-in-Chief has been President past five years, while Sgt Bowe resided in the enemy camp for those past five years. Therefore the question is, why the five year wait, before initiating the rule of leaving no soldier behind? Then there’s the American Marine wrongly accused and held in a Mexican prison, having been tortured by being chained to a bed naked for days and beaten. And the President has not acted to initiate his release.. Why is it the excuse for release applies to Sgt Bergdal, and does not apply to Sgt Andrew in Mexico?

There’s something wrong and inconsistent with the rationale the President gives for his decision, to release 5 terrorists in exchange for Sgt Bowe, and does nothing to initiate release of Sgt Andrew. If the excuse is according to “No soldier left behind,” why did he wait five years, when the facts coming out now, support the notion Sgt Bowe was a traitor, who voluntarily left his post in Afghanistan and joined up with the enemy. When televised reports from Sgt Andrew reveal he was captured against his will, because he made a wrong traffic turn.

The righteous indignation of the President, in response to all the objections to his acts & decisions relative to Sgt Bowe, simply does not pass the smell test and comes across as a whole lot of stinking thinking.

All the latest revelations by the testimony of his platoon members, all agree Sgt Bowe is a traitor. The five years he has been with the enemy terrorists, with no meaningful action for his release, flies contrary in the face of the President’s claim, his purpose in exchanging 5 terrorists for his release was based upon the military mantra, leave no soldier behind, but waited five years to implement that claim. Truth is that which is. And the verbiage and actions from the Commander-in-Chief,do not match the reality of the actions of the sergeant, and his reasons for betrayal to his country, his fellow soldiers, and defiance of the oath he took when he voluntarily enlisted.

Of all the actions of this president, in conjunction with Congress, has taken in defiance of the Constitution, and the Principles this nation was founded upon, none compare to this latest act of releasing terrorists, and the lame excuse he gives to justify his actions. There’s simply no justification for it, based upon his rationale, therefore there’s another reason for the action. His actions place this nation in greater peril, by releasing the five terrorists, who no doubt will double down on their efforts for further destruction to the nation. Now more vulnerable than ever because of the dismantling of the military.

To fully understand what’s behind the actions taking place, we must go back to Korea, when the term, “brainwashing” got into our dictionary quicker than the term “Spudnik.” In part four of this series, I will discuss the detained soldiers of the Korean War and what happened back then, one can connect with the current news about Sargent Bowe, the military and the President.

Here’s a great quote from The Tennessee Constitution: “That government being instituted for the common benefit, the doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of man-kind.”





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