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In this second part of this article, when I use the term, “Effigy of the Constitution” in my title, I mean to protray a meaning of a crude image of a disliked protrayal. Simply because the current news about everything the President of The United States and his regime, do and say, appears to be a disregard or twisted interpretation of the meaning of our Constitution of Laws for this Nation. In my opinion, his methodology of governing this country comes across as a different interpretation of the Constitution than I view it. Inasmuch as he’s a lawyer, it stands to reason he understands the meaning behind the Constitution. And he took a solemn sworn oath to uphold the Constitution.

Not that I think the current president the only one who has ruled with a peculiar interpretation, because I don’t think we have had a president who has adhered to the real meaning of the constitution since Reagan. That president so revered the Constitution, he always wore his jacket in the Oval Office. I’ve seen pictures of the current president with his feet on the desk in the Oval Office.

Because it appears so many of the citizenry, including members of congress, are in a state of disenchanted confusion, including myself, trying to make sense of all the happenings and reactions to constant on going crisis. The best analysis I know of is by understanding how an alcoholic or drug addict portray themselves. I doubt if there are very many out there who have not experienced at one time or another, thru a family member, friend or neighbor, some encounter with drugs or alcoholism.

Therefore when one stops to analyize, one will discover a number of similiarities. First off the list of characters in this merry go round of denial, includes the main character who is addicted to drugs. I’m not suggesting those in charge of government are actually addicted to drugs, however politics is very seductive, and there is a similarity to this seduction and an actual substance. The main character is supported and surrounded by others who are really the ones in control. Specifically, the Victim, the enabler and the provoker. Once one recognizes and understands these roles, the foggy confusion and reality of the situation begins to clear and takes on a new understanding. It is called a disease. A sympton of this disease is the fact, the main charactor or perpetrator always, without exception, sets up crises. One after the other.

It is not my aim in this article to delve into any great alalysis of the, “disease.” but to show the effects of it; that is situations of “crisis.” It is undeniable, we are now living under conditions in this country, out-pictured in one crisis after another. In just this past year, we have all heard the news about the crises in IRS, NSA, BENGHAZI, VETERANS ADMINISTRATION, OBAMACARE , and now the latest bombshell news about the release of five Terrorist for one American soldier (Sergeant).

These are not crises which just happen naturally, like a tornado, clyclone or hurricane, they are man-made created crises, by those elected by the people to govern this nation according to the U.S. Constitution. They have been created by actions which smacks of a default interpretation of the Constitution. And I daresay most if not all those in seats of power are well educated and well aware of that which is now taking place, and no one doing anything meaningful to counteract or stop the onslaught of acts on individual freedom, and the Principles of a way of life in this country according to the Constitution.

Currently, a lot of discussions among the press, the elected and the citizenry about the legality of the decisions and after effects results. When the narrative should be a recognition it is wrong, and must be changed. The direction is wrong. It is wrong because the actions violates the very foundation of the Principles upon which this nation was founded upon and thrived on, when there was adherence to the laws of the Constitution.

Continued in PART THREE

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