These really are times that “try men’s souls.” We can go to sleep at night thinking the news of the day is about as bad as its gonna get, only to wake up next morning to a new headline, worse than the day before. We are now a nation “thriving on Crisis.”

It’s fairly common knowledge when an individual has so screwed up their lives, experiencing one crisis after another, which is what alcoholics do, they are just creating another crisis to keep family friends, neighbors, co-workers attention on themselves. Now a days, so many drug addicted, even those on prescription drugs, most of us know some one on this merry-go round of denial, thriving on crisis. There’s a pattern to the syndrone.

Now this syndrome of creating one crisis after another has become the modus operandi of the federal government. The President and his regime acting, Congress reacting, the Press enabling, while the people victimized, wandering around so confused, do not recover from one crisis until another’s in the headlines, in this era of a “merry-go-round of Denial.”

We did not recover from the schock of the Edward Snowden revelations, about all the government secret intrusions into our lives, when, daily news about Benghazi grabbed the headlines. A lot of time, talk and news devoted to Congressional hearings, when a special committee appointed, and news about that died down, when whamo! news about the horrors of the Veterans Administration mistreatment Of sick and injured soldiers hit the news headlines. Because military personnel in some way shape and fashion touches the lives of the majority of Americans, nothing quite like it has so adversely touched the achilles heel of so many. Bad news revelations followed by more bad news, beginning to pierce the teflon armor of the President and those surrounding him in his regime.

All the televised speeches and news conferences emanating from the White House, did nothing to quell the incoming bad news about the Veterans Administration mishandling of military socialized medicine. Even the Commander-in-Chief’s speech before the prestigious West Point Academy was responded to with apathy from the graduating class.

As more and more news reports about The President’s ignoring the Constitution and Congress, ruling by executive order, the more reporting about this in daily news headlines. His popularity dropping like a rock in the pool, The president pulled off a maneuver which has the entire country in an uproar. He did successfully create a crisis, by secretly releasing five terrorist criminals from Guantanamo Bay, in the middle of the night, bypassing the law requiring him to give Congress 30 days notice. Then had a Rose Garden press release with the Parents of the American military sergeant, his bargaining chip in the exchange for release of the five criminals..

Apparently, expecting praise and platitudes for this act of, “dogoodism” from the American people, it has back-fired, opening a huge can of bad news worms, now crawling everywhere. Has Humpty-Dumpty fell off the wall, and can all the kings horses put it back to-gether again?

Continued in PART TWO



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