I stayed up late last evening listening to all the exciting news about Dave Brat, An economics college professor, defeating Eric Cantor, Republican majority leader in house of representatives, touted to be the next House Speaker and in Congress since early 2000.

It’s reported that Cantor spent millions on his campaign to defeat Brat, who spent less than $200,000, but spent time knocking on doors, taking his message of return to Constitutional principles directly to the people.

Dave Brat, who has never run for office before, was like a breath of fresh air, running on the Principles this nation was founded upon, saying, his was a symbolic issue which captured the “fissure between Main street and Wall Street.”

Pollster Doug Schoen said, “They are angry at the establishment, Eris Cantor represents inside Washington – and this is a repudiation of the Republican leadership Status.”

One area of Republican leadership status is double-think, double talk over the issue of Amnesty. Some Republicans in Congress are closet type supporters of President Obama’s position and push for Amnesty. An issue majority of Democrats support, and majority of American people oppose.

It’s reported that one area of Cantor campaigning rhetoric he stuck with was mantra that Dave Brat was a “liberal College Professor.” An untrue accusation, as evidenced by his televised appearance on the Hannity program last evening, emphatically stating his position was on the founding fathers’ principles of the Us Constitution. And I for one heard that as music to my ears.

In my opinion, the issue of Amnesty is much bigger than most in Congress realize. I went to Blacks Law dictionary for a definitive explaination of its meaning describing it as, ” A soverign act of forgiveness for past acts granted by government to all persons, { or to cetrtain classes of persons} who have been guilty of crime, generally political offenses, treason, sedition, rebellion, draft evasion. The 1986 reform and control act provided for many undocumented aliens already in this country.”

Untold millions already in this country illegally. They crossed the border illegally, are living here illegally, working here illegally.. many breaking laws and committing crimes.. Thousands taking jobs, increasing the unemployment rate for legal citizens in this nation.

Those 535 elected in Congress and One President, supposed to represent the citizens of this country, not illegals residing here illegally.. But this is the essence of Amnesty, much time effort and money spent on, the area of what the illegals want. An aim and desire of most Democrats, because when & if Amnesty voted into being, they can then vote and will vote for the political party that forgave for their illegal transgressions, and rewarded with all the perks of legal citizenship.

There’s nothing in the Constitution which automatically forgives criminal activity, and entering this country illegally is a crime.

The average person has been slow to catch on to the real meaning and political game plan by, “Amnesty”, but apparently enough who understand and reject, any candidate, who in any way shape form or fashion, supports it., to kick out of office as evidenced by the election results in Virginia yesterday. The bottom line is, Amnesty, is that which rewards crimminal activity, by rewarding with citizenship, which gives a right to vote among other things, without one going thru the legal process required to become a naturalized citizen in this country.

As evidenced by news reports recently, foreign aliens, flocking to this country by the busload and being dumped in Certain areas like Arizona.. Previously mostly men, now truck loads of women and children, with no money, no food and no place to live, those elected in charge of government, trying every political trick, to legalize this illegal invasion via legislating, “Amnesty.”

If the bill for amnesty passes, it simply means the Federal government legalizes crimminality of foreigners, and supports the notion of the warning by the father of communism, Russian leader Lenin, who warned us, the United States would fall to Communism, like over-ripe fruit, with-out a shot being fired.. The evidence of his prediction back in the twenties of the last century, is all around us.

The one small glimmer of hope, out-pictured in the Virginia election yesterday, by the ouster of long time Congressman Eric Cantor, the majority leader in House of Representatives. Falsely accusing his opposing candidate of being a liberal college professor, when such is not the case. Brat won by constantly needling Cantor, saying, “Congressman Cantor has now publicly declared his intention to pass amnesty as soon as he possibly can, with the help of president Obama.”

A lesson in politics by an unknown candidate for others in this upcoming mid-term election in November. No one thought Cantor could be defeated. Because no-one figured an unknown would rise up out of the ranks and report to the voters, the position of his opponent and the people would listen and pay attention. Truth always has a strange ring.

Here’s a quote from the Professor of Economics at George Mason University, Walter Williams: “We Americans promote dis-respect for our constitution, rule of law and private property in our pursuit of ‘Social Justice.’ But the scum that rises to the top has an agenda of command and control thats leading toward totalitarianism. And incidentally, it’s no coincidence that most at the top are lawyers; people with a seemingly special contempt for our Constitution and rule of law.”


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  1. Aaron says:

    Why is “citizenship” so important? Wouldn’t giving citizenship to all of these “illegals” mean they have to pay taxes? Or are there other magical bonuses to being a citizen I’m not aware of?

  2. No, any more than all the millions on entitlement programs such as food stamps and working odd jobs required to pay taxes. Are the millions of illegals working here drawing a pay-check notpaying taxes? Citizenship is not the preresquste to paying taxes, drawing a pay check is as I understand it.

  3. Aaron says:

    So what’s so special about citizenship that we need to protect it like it’s some kind of exclusive commodity then?

  4. Freedom Lady says:

    To the question by Aaron relative to Citizenship, I have addressed in an up-coming article titled; “WHATS SO SPECIAL ABOUT CITIZENSHIP? ONE READER ASK”