This is a continuation of the series Effigy of Constitution and today’s news about release of five terrorists, Sgt Bowie, and the President.

In my opinion, going back with some understanding of what happened to captured soldiers in Korea and the “brainwashing technique,” will further understanding of happenings in current events.

It was back in the early sixties when my reserve officer husband was recalled back into the military because of the Korean Conflict. Military orders assigned us to Keesler AFB in Mississippi. My children were small and we settled into a new home we purchased and I went towork in a local photography studio. We had been there about a year when he received orders to go to Korea as a helicoptor pilot in Air Sea Rescue.

Shortly after receiving those orders, he received notice that both his parents were quite ill. Because he was an only child, the military offered him a “hardship discharge” to return to Florida to care for his very ill parents. Because he wanted to continue on orders to go to Korea, I volunteered to give up my job as manager of the Studio and my new home, so he could proceed on orders. I moved back to Florida to care for his parents the following year, and he proceeded on orders to Korea. Flying behind enemy lines to rescue injured soldiers while being shot at. He returned after a year-long tour of duty in that conflict.

Many American soldiers were captured by North Koreans and tortured by the enemy. When we first heard the term, “brainwashing,” which was a technique used by the enemy to torture American soldiers. Those who lived and returned were sent to a hospital in Tokyo where an American Doctor Meyer was in charge of the deprogramming of these brainwashed young soldiers. I obtained a copy of the technique prepared by Dr. Meyer.

The technique used would be strip the soldier naked, placed in a dark room under dripping water and tortured , under incessant questioning, until the spirit of the soldier was broken. The essence of the questioning was to cause the soldier to hate the mother, Therefore incessant name calling and condemning the mother continued while the soldier was pinned down naked under bright lights and dripping water, being denied food and water, until he admitted his mother was as the captors described. Once this was accomplished, the soldier was ready to speak out with hatred towards the United States, then paraded before news cameras expressing this anger & hatred towards his country for propaganda purposes. It was called, “brainwashing.”

The program in Tokyo by Dr Meyer was for the purpose of deprogramming the brainwashed soldier. A part of the technique was feeding the soldier drugs. Therefore treatment for drug addiction was part of the rehabilitation.

Later on in the fifties when my husband was reassigned in Japan, I joined him and visited the hospital where the returning detainees were treated and obtained a copy of the brainwashing technique.

We are now daily hearing reports about Sgt Bowe Bergdale and his disenchantment with the military, his government and country, and stories from his platoon members about how he left his post, deserted and went looking for the enemy to join. Also some of his writings which reveal his scornful disdain for the military and anything about his country, he took an oath to defend.

A heart-rending story revealed by six of his platoon members, appearing on Fox News’ “Kelly Files” program, interviewed by Megan Kelly. They tell the story about his desertion, and their dis-enchantment with his desertion, and sad story about news items touting him as a hero. Some fellow members saying they would have died for him. Of his own volition, he deserted the military and for the past five years has been living with the enemy he voluntarily joined.

One has to wonder what his schooling and growing up years were like to have produced his attitude. However, in my opinion it is important for the American people to understand the brainwashing techniques used by terrorists and enemies of this country, no doubt in my mind used to further hone out this attitude of hatred towards, his fellow soldiers, the military and this country. To view his attitude and persona objectively, we must assume he has been thru further indoctrination, against everything, good and decent this nation stands for. To present him as a hero to the American people, by those of the Executive regime of our government, is so disingenuous and a lie out of the whole cloth. He is a traitor who fraternized with the enemy of his own volition past five years. Recognizing as a traitor comes as a result of his voluntary actions, and words from his own mouth, revealed in his writings.

As it turns out, what he did and what he says pales in comparison to the actions of our own government, and the response of their actions, now hiding behind the notion, decisions for his release based upon the notion of leaving no soldier behind, after leaving him with the enemy past five years.

To comprehend his actions and those of our government, it is helpful to understand the recent past, particularly the treatment of American soldiers by other regimes, plus the actuality of whats happening inside our government, military and veterans.

Currently it appears the former American way of life is under seige, and across the board many angry, upset, disenchanted and in a state of fear. It’s imperative we remain calm cool and collected, with a decision to face the reality of all that’s taking place. With a sense of righting all the wrongs taking place on the Federal stage of political affairs. This year of 2014 is the time to take back America, and a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Not an easy task, and can only be accomplished by facing the reality of all the demons with a calm attitude of decision making in each of our lives individually. We can’t wait til the 2016 Presidential election, the powers that be so busy keeping our attention on some future event two years away. 2016 will be too late to change the course of history of this once great nation.

The latest out break of shattering news over the VA and the release of five terrorists, is simply the effects of our apathy and acceptance of all that has happened before. It is not the cause, but the effects of our misguided notion about freedom and the notion we the people individually have not played a role in all the happenings which have brought us to this brink of disaster. We, in essence, have been blackmailing our selves, by the notion its all caused by, “others.” No, no, no; we the people have done it to ourselves. In essence, by allowing ourselves to be subjected to a degree of brainwashing, by buying into the jackhammer of rhetoric, coming from those we elected to protect this country from foreign & domestic enemies.

Now in the latter stages of a complete takeover by the powers at be, we are observing an all out stream of propaganda excuses by those in charge, who have been the architects of the downfall of this once great nation. Things so bad now, even the least informed can see thru all the lies and deception perpetrated on the American people, which have brought us to this precipice of disaster.

Now everyone faces a decision whether to continue sitting idly by and watch the collapse, or whether one decides to do something about it. It’s now or never, do or die, or live in bondage. To do nothing is no longer an option, we act to change the course were on, or we live enslaved. The future is in the hands of each individual, today. Tomorrow will be too late.

John Taylor (1753-1824) stated: “Constitutions are violated, and it would be absurd to suggest the federal government to enforce the Constitution against itself. If the very federal judges the Constitution was partly intended to restrain were the ones exclusively charged with enforcing it, then..” America possesses only the effigy of a Constitution. The States, the very constituents of the Union, had to do the enforcing.



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