I was reading a report by Susan Rice, revealing the aid of arms to Al-Queda in Syria. Another report about Egypt and the millions of tax-payer money poured into that country, which seems to stay in a condition of ongoing conflicts. Then there’s news about the aid our government extended to the Ukraine, in their conflict with Russia. So many countries for the United States to be pouring billions into their governments. The question is, are there any countries we are not sending money, arms and aid too? Aside from those we borrow from?

It’s not as if we were a stable thriving economy here in the United States. We owe more than seventeen trillion to China And Japan, according to news reports. We have a President and Congress playing Santa Clause to the entire world with borrowed money. If that’s not loose cannon crazies, I don’t know what is.

We are living in a country of elected leaders in Congress and the Oval Office who clamor for news cameras, to accuse each other for the outcome of all the bad decisions they make. When it’s the Internal Revenue office that collects the money from taxpayers, the Congress that appropriates for re-distribution, and the President and his regime, who make decision as to who the recipients will be, for the most part.

President Obama, has told us he has a pen and a phone and implied he is going to do as he chooses, regardless of what the people say and the Congress does. He has informed this nation sometime ago, he’s going to transform America then tells us he’s going to rule like a Monarch. After taking an oath to uphold the Constitution.

We have a president in charge, elected by the people, with no background experience operating a business, no foreign policy experience, and without any military background. Now in charge of the nation’s economy, overseer of foreign policy and Commander-in-Chief of all military forces in this country.

I’m reminded of a story related to me by an Internal Revenue employee. I was living in an apartment a coupla blocks away from the large Internal Revenue facility in Chamblee, Georgia, back in the eighties, and friends with my neighbor Dot, who worked at IRS. She would tell me stories about the goings on in IRS. One in particular has remained with me. A story about investigators hired by IRS, getting together, drinking, partying, and joking about their authority. Specifically claiming they had the power of God over the people to do anything they chose except one thing, which was “raise the dead.” Big time bragging about the power they had, which was the pervasive consensus among the investigator employees. My friend Dot would relate some hair-raising stories the investigators told among themselves when they got together.

Lo these 30 plus years later, with revelations about the extent of IRS into the affairs of the people, lying conniving and spying, and a President at the helm of power, acting as he chooses, thumbing his nose at Congress, the people and rulers of other countries, like snubbing Russian President Putin, at the Normandy anniversary gathering; it appears this notion among those now holding the reins of power in Washington, may have taken on the persona of the IRS investigators, whose mantra was “We can do anything God does aside from raising the dead.”

When President Obama appeared on the national scene back in the early days of political speeches in Iowa, his mesmerizing oratory, likable personality, youthful good looks, and energy captured the attention of the American people. With high hopes, he would “change the way of business conducted in Washington.” We the people naively believed his promises would be for the better. No one ever asked what he meant by “changing Washington and transforming America.” Now five years later, this nation rocked by one scandal after another, and so much of a former way of life in freedom, under a free enterprising, capitalistic system, pretty much in shambles. With increased talk about “impeachment proceedings” for this president.

I for one, do not think that’s likely to happen. Simply because this president and his regime have acquired so much power and in charge of every phase of American life, including in charge of the money and economy, schools, health & medical, what we drink and eat, the highways we ride on to the skies we fly thru, the military and the courts. At any rate, impeachment is not the answer to our problems. The answer to turning our direction lies in the hearts, minds and Will of the American people.

Something has happened to a once hard-working, generous, caring, spiritual christian, nation, which has permitted and accepted this downfall of the most desirable and greatest way of life known to civilization. We neglected that “eternal vigilance” our forefathers warned must remain intact to sustain freedom, private property ownership, and a free enterprise system of economy. Inasmuch as we have not maintained to sustain, where is the evidence of the desire to re-gain?

We are where we are as a result of the abuse of power in the hands of a few now holding the reins of power, in Washington, mostly managed by a company of lobbyists, paying them, and the tail wagging the dog, buried to the gills in socialist agenda, there’s nothing on the horizon at this point that’s any viable plan to get us out of this ditch were in. The entrenchment of the socialist agenda now so embedded in every phase of our lives, the current notion, of impeaching the President as the solution, is evidence, the majority of the people are simply ignorant of the cause and extent of conditions upon us today. Those now in charge are symptomatic, of the cause, we the people set up via voting and let happen via our failure of “eternal vigilance,” ignoring the Christian principles upon which this nation was founded. Specifically ignoring the terms of the one great moral guide “The Ten Commandments.”

Based upon the results were experiencing today, obviously others aside from IRS investigators, of the opinion, they can do anything God can do aside from “raising the dead.”



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