The recent primary election this week in Virginia, resulting in the un-seating of one of the power brokers in Congress, is a defining moment in our history. An unknown professor of economics in a small college defeated a long-time political power Congressman, whose influence as Majority leader in House of Representatives enabled him to collect several millions to defeat Dave Brat.

Eric Cantor has been portrayed as a Conservative Republican. However, as more and more is revealed about him, since his defeat, it is apparent he has all along been very much a Washington Insider, playing footsies with the Democrats going along with their liberal agenda, like amnesty. This game-playing of both sides from the middle mentality so pervasive among the 535 elected congressmen.

It’s now being reported Congressman Cantor was one of the most effective at raising money for his Republican Party, while going along with the Democrat agenda. A position news media label as Rino’s. Which means Rebublican in name only.

We don’t hear about Democrats secretly behind closed doors, touting Democrat policies and agenda, then acting in support of Republican issues. This double-think, double-talk mentality is rather exclusive to the Republican Party. These types of politicians, after a period of time as the elected, when defeated, frequently wind up as highly paid lobbyists, because they know the ropes in Washington. Because they have learned how to manipulate to collect money and influence others, they know how to defeat opposition, by undermining with promotion of lies.

Never was this modus operandi so evident as in the Campaign actions and rhetoric by Congressman Cantor. The news reports he received millions in campaign contributions to defeat Dave Brat, then used that money to advertise him as a “Liberal college professor,” which was a lie out of the whole cloth. Refuted by Brat himself, as he revealed his philosophy on a televised appearance after he won the election.

Clearly stating his position in support of founding father Constitutional Principles, as being free market ideals, which are neither Right not Left issues. A different tone coming from an elected person that we have not heard lately. A lesson for other hopefuls in this coming midterm election, specifically, the people who want a return to the free enterprise, capitalistic system this country was founded on and thrived on in earlier years.

A tall order, indeed, inasmuch as we are buried to the gills in entitlement programs and tenets of Socialism Phylosophy.on the verge of collapse of an America we once knew.

This recent Virginia election, won by an individual who spent less than 200 thousand dollars; an unknown who spoke out for free-market economic principals and a return to adherence to the U.S. Constitution of laws.. and the Declaration of Independence.

A recognition it is political government which drives the downfall of individual freedom, and economic disaster, And can only be regained and sustained, by a nation of individuals, standing up, and fighting back against those forces in power, those with a lust for power, to destroy this Nation.

This recent victory by economic professor Dave Brat, is the first indication I have seen in many years that there is an awakening of the slumber of the people, and a beginning awareness and rejection, of Socialist bondage issues, this nation is in the grip of.

In my opinion, this year of 2014 is our last chance to reverse direction and turn the tide. If not 2016 will be too late. This 2014 mid-tern election is the most important one any of us have faced in our lifetime. Because the power to change inherently lies with the people, and because it is the power in Congress which has brought us to this brink, all in the congressional branch are up for reelection this November. We must play the ‘fruit-basket’ turn-over game, throw the current batch out of power and replace with other Dave Brat-type thinkers.

Its not rocket science, there’s an easy solution to a very serious problem that all of us, bar none, face in this country. Use it or lose it. That is the power of the individual, this year in this election cycle.

Here’s a quote from “the unreported news” by lon van-Ostran: “Using the power of the law to ensure that the law-abiding are at the mercy of the lawless is an act of barbarism beyond the realm of logic. The DREAMERS & FOOLS who force us to endure the carnage should be on trial along with the criminals they are creating. The world is not made more civil by forcing the civilized to be the victims of the predators. How dare you, any of you, refuse good law abiding citizens the right to defend themselves in a country where there were 25,000 murders, 105,000 reported rapes and 975,000 armed robberies, LAST YEAR.”



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