We are over-due for some good news, and the closest thing to it lately is the appointment of a special committee to investigate Benghazi, headed by Trey Gowdy. A lot of people are supporting him with high expectations; he has the ability and fortitude to get to the bottom of a lot of government secrecy and cover-ups relative to the Benghazi attack, which resulted in the killing of four Americans.

All the support and approval being expressed for Gowdy, emphasizes the notion that so many in this country are hungry for a leader to step forth, willing to dig and expose the Truth, no matter who’s behind all of it. In this information age, never has there been so much going on behind closed doors in secrecy and cover-ups.

Currently, hopes are high that truth and cover-ups will be exposed ,the wheat separated from the chaff, as liberals and conservatives engage in a battle of the wits, one trying to hide and the other trying to expose. It’s all an out-picturing of , “The Battle of Ideas,” this country has been engaged in for several years.

We are at war, in this battle of ideas – and have been – but so few recognize nor admit, because there are no guns with bullets flying thru the air, just bullets of ideas, specifically those for socialism versus those for freedom. And those who side with freedom, the free enterprise system and the principles upon which this nation was founded, are losing. Simply because of the refusal or in-ability to admit we’re at war.

Dr. Phil says: “Cant change that which one refuses to recognize.” And this country of 300 million plus have been led down the bridal path of lies and deception with words. Early in his presidency, President Obama said, “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” Words of power implying just listen to me to hear the truth, today we’re discovering massive cover-ups, coming from the current regime in the White House.

There are some presidents who are charming, likable and convincing no matter what they do or say, and President Obama and President Clinton, are two who have that quality.

Hilliary, being represented as the most likely Democratic nominee for the Democratic Party in 2016, lacks that indefinable quality of Bill and Obama, despite the fact she has support in many quarters.  She has so much baggage connected with White Water, Foster, Lewinsky and Benghazi, coupled with the fact as wife and First Lady in Clinton regime, later moving from the south to New York, to become a Senator From New York, then being Secretary of State in The Obama regime.. I for one simply do not know of anything worthwhile she has accomplished, despite the fact she has a long record of being in the lime light of politics.

Republicans should hope she is the Democratic nominee, because she will be the easiest to defeat, in my opinion. It is interesting to listen to current news media, touting Jeb Bush as the possible Republican candidate to run against Hillary Clinton as the Democrat; after all the publicity past few years about Clinton and Bush families being such good friends. Birds of a feather really do flock together.

Back to current events, Trey Gowdy, and all the hopes and dreams placed on him, as one to set the record straight. He currently has a lot of momentum going for him, with a lot of support from one side, while the other side of liberal, left-wing Democrats, are barking at his heels. I think it was Bette Davis in one of her movies, who said, “get set for a bumpy ride” and I suspect Trey Gowdy is in for a bumpy ride as Democrats pull out all stops to block and prevent him from accomplishing the job he has been selected to do. I for one hope he’s able to ferret out the Truth, and survive the ordeal.


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