I receive a lot of comments on my website. I read most and post a few. Thousands are spam type comments, a case pf one desiring to use my website to advertise themselves or something. I keep hoping and wishing, the comments will be more specific, or at least tell me what it is you wish to know or that I have failed to convey. As Joan Rivers says, “lets talk.”

I’m always trying to figure things out. Many things I don’t understand, but a few I do, like the difference in Principles and Value Judgments, which I wrote about when I first began blogging seven years ago. On issue 212 is an article on Principles & value judgments, and I’m pleased to receive several comments lately from readers going back on previously posted articles and reading them.

On the other hand here’s a typical comment I received yesterday on my recent article Titled Americans do cling to Guns & Religion, plus Cattle & Land, Rancher Bundy: “I’m not sure where you’re getting your information, but great topic. I need to spend some time learning more, or understanding more. Thanks for the fantastic info, I was looking for my mission.”

I could not pen a more non-specific response if I tried. Specifically what is it the commenter wants more understanding about? What information is the person looking for? What is their mission? How can we communicate with such vagueness, and so non-specific? I have no idea how to respond. It’s amazing to me how typical this kind of comment is in the thousands of comments I receive.

I write for several reasons, not the least of which is to convey an idea. I think the writing on Guns and Religion is an important subject, because this is how the President of the United States portrayed the American people in a campaign Speech. At this particular period in our history, when it appears the President is on a different side of the fence than the majority of Americans, we are overdue to ask him what he means when he makes such flat-out statements. And the most important statement of all, was when he told us his plans were to “transform America” and no one asked him what he meant by that in his campaign speeches. We’re all talking but not communicating.

Listening to news about activities in Congress, then hearing so much so frequently from the President, then hearing what the people say & don’t say, the question is, “who’s on the same page about anything?” Before we can rationally disagree about anything, we must first find some area of agreement. And what is that?

In this connection, the ambiguity, in the comments I receive, present a troubling situation. Is the problem because we don’t know what it is we don’t know? Why are we so unclear about that which we want? I write articles on subjects that I’m quite specific about. I’m clear cut about what I want, understand and don’t understand.. There’s no big mystery about Freedom, the very essence of the tenets this nation was founded upon.

I’ve written hundreds of articles relating to Freedom, and yet I rarely receive a comment, pro nor con in response to the subject of freedom. Have we become a nation afraid of freedom? Why has it become taboo to mention the word? Owning guns and having some specific religious belief is a part of those inalienable Rights we’re guaranteed in the constitution. No big mystique.

When I receive a comment, such as the one I mention, which is rather typical, wanting to know more, and being so non-specific, absent any mention of the subject matter they refer to, which in this case, guns & religion, the response is troubling.

We are a nation of smart, hard-working, educated, and generous people. Why are we so afraid to talk about Freedom? Why are we so afraid to confront the political onslaught on it? Why are children not being taught about its meaning? Have we become a nation no longer desiring freedom, in preference to the nanny state?

I would love to receive some specific comments, relative to current thoughts about one’s Freedom. As my mother used to say, “it’s like a zero with a zero on either side” when I receive a comment so non-specific it says nothing.. no opinion, and no intelligent question about what it is they dont know. We are not communicating about the real issues we face; however on social media, a lot of complaining, about non-specifics. Mostly griping, name-calling..

Aldous Huxley, author said: “Most ignorance is vincible ignorance. We don’t know because we don’t want to know.”


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