As things heat up in Washington, among Senators & Congressmen & The Executive branch, a lot of investigation, Prognostigation, and aggravation taking place, which can be confusing to the average American. In this connection, perhaps it’s time to clear the deck, and return to some elementary thinking, dear Watson.

I’m just one lone voice in the wilderness of information, being beamed around the world, 24-7, which may sound like a jack-hammer to some. However, my purpose for writing is to inform and encourage interest in in one’s Freedom as a counter-attack for the onslaught for all the time, effort, talk and print, in support of a way of life, contrary to personal Freedom.

As a result of the down-hill onslaught on personal Freedom and Private property ownership, for installation of a different kind of government, contrary to the one our founding fathers left for us, I personally have short periods of discouragement, ringing the bell of freedom, observing conditions, where the majority of the people seem to have fallen under the spell of another bell-ringing, akin to the Pavlovian theory of response, he tested and projected with rats..

On the other hand the past few days, I feel a bit encouraged, as a result of some positive activity in Congress and number two, a number of un-expected comments, of readers going back and reading an article I wrote five years ago. Specifically, issue 212, titled , Principles and Value Judgments, The Zero aggression principle.

Because of this recent interest in the article, I went back and re-read the article this morning, on my website, written in 2009. There’s nothing I can say or change to improve on that issue. However I do wish to express my appreciation to readers, going back and re-reading and commenting. Simply because in my opinion, to understand the meaning of Freedom, it is imperative to understand Principles and Value Judgments.

Principles being Universal laws, which are immutable and un-deviating, and not subject to what we know, like, dislike, reject or accept., never changing. Whereas our Value Judgments about any and everything, frequently changing. My favorite example is the over-simplification of the can Of Soup: When you purchase at the store, one values the can, however once home deciding to eat the soup, one opens and throws the can in the garbage, simply because ones values change.

Conversely the Principle of Freedom, which is self-responsibility and self-control, is immutable and un-deviating, never changing. In order to have it, it is non-transferable, and in order to be free, imperative to adhere to the Principle of it. Not something I nor anyone else invented, but simply comes as a result of discovery, and decision to have it, by abiding by the basic tenets of it.

In today’s climate of clamoring for entitlement programs, taking from have to re-distribute to have-nots, we are living in a country where not all, but the majority, subscribing to government programs, which clearly violate the basic principle of Freedom. The “fix” for returning to a life we once cherished and embraced, will not be forth-coming, from political government, but as a result of individuals, recognizing the root cause of the bondage we experience, plus a decision, to assume responsibility for our lives, children and property. Which can begin today..

And how do we begin? By accepting the self-responsibility required to have Freedom, plus informing ourselves about the role of political government, which operates in direct opposition, to the basic tenet of freedom. To understand why were in the, “ditch” were in to-day, is not rocket science, but plain ordinary common sense understanding, with a willingness to accept the responsibility for the decisions we make in our every-day lives, specifically, taking control and rejecting the doles.

I suggest any reader, desiring to be free, go back and read and copy issue 212, on my web-site,, then send me a comment I will post on my comment section.

The best way to be armed for freedom is the Truth of information about it. One lives in Freedom or bondage, there is no in-between.

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  1. Aaron says:

    I would be interested in hearing how you bridge the disconnect between the ideals of freedom and liberty and your belief that we “need” government, despite it being an antithesis to those ideals.

  2. A very legitamate question. I!ve attempted to explain in up-coming two part article.Followed bt, “THE MORAL IMPERATIVE’ Anne cleveland