Yesterday, one of my lovely neighbors called and invited me to go with her to a local City Park today. The occasion is an annual affair, when the city invites everyone to the park to view the release of hundreds of butterflies. I live near the park and I’m always hoping, once released, they will fly towards my residence to enjoy all the blooming flowers so I can enjoy watching them.

Growing up I loved butterflies and my mother made me a net to use to catch them. I would place them in a dresser drawer in my bedroom, slightly cracked for air. I recall once hearing her yell from my bedroom, because she had opened dresser drawer to place my clothes there and a bunch of butterflies unexpectedly came flying out.

In school, I had a history teacher who collected butterflies and mounted them. I recall a story he told about a trip to Rocky Mountains and finding some unusual butterflies he captured and brought back to mount. I was fascinated by his hobby, because I too just loved butterflies and humming birds growing up.

The story of how a butterfly evolves from a very homely creature into this thing of grace and beauty has always fascinated me. I love watching them float thru the air from flower to flower, with grace and beauty, and I have always thought they helped polinate, but not sure about that.

I have no idea how the City got into the Butterfly business, aside from being voted into it, but it’s an annual event of releasing hundreds of butterflies in the local Park.

The beautiful North Georgia town where I live is filled with an unusual number of city parks. They are very well maintained by the city, and serve a purpose of social functions many residents enjoy. Whether it’s family picnicking, or a morning walk, or children playing on the playground equipment, the parks are fraternized regularly by most of the residents.

In this connection, the City operated and maintained parks serve a very positive purpose, no question about it. But they are tax-funded to sustain and maintain. And my readers know, I view taxes as an involuntary relinquishment of ones property, hence a system of thievery. And I believe thievery is wrong and immoral, and know of no way to justify it despite the fact that political government has any number of excuses; most, if not all services performed by this immoral system, could be better served, more efficiently at less cost in the free-enterprise system.

There are any number of successful, capitalistic park systems in this country, like Six Flags over Georgia and Six Flags over Texas, Disney World and etc. My question is, why is the government in the Park business, in competition with free enterprise? Requiring everyone to financially support whether they use or not.

As much as I enjoy butterflies, a walk in the park or an afternoon picnic, it’s my position, to refrain from participation in park activities, in rejection of the system of thievery which sustains and supports. I’m well aware mine is not a popular accepted position, some may criticize. I am also aware that what I do and feel relative to socialized park participation, is of no importance to anyone aside from myself. Despite the fact I’m forced to pay, I can refuse to participate in the stolen loot.

Conversly, I find it a contradiction of values to support the notion thievery is wrong and immoral, then voluntarily participate in anything supported and maintained by a system of thievery, when I have a clear-cut choice not to participate. Obviously there are any number of areas in our everyday lives where we have no choice but to participate in a system of thievery, but City, County, State and federally-operated and maintained parks is not one of them..

That which is touted as being free, is not free; all tax-payers required to pay for support and maintenance of government operated parks, whether one uses or not,whether one agrees with the system or not. However, voluntary participation, when one has a clear cut choice not to, is tacit agreement with the system of thievery.

In this connection, there will be some who go to church this Sunday morning, listen to their preacher, condemn stealing as being wrong and immoral and agree with him, then leave, and visit the government operated park in the afternoon, and never see nor realize the contradiction. The same individuals wondering what’s wrong in this country.

Eric Hoffer, American author, 1902-1983, stated, “It is doubtful if the oppressed ever fight for Freedom. They fight for pride and power — power to oppress others. The oppressed want above all to imitate their oppressors, they want to retaliate.”



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