I’m a bit amazed and definitely pleased to see so much interest recently on an article I wrote back in 2009, titled Principles and value judgments: The zero Aggression Principle (issue 212), still available to read on my web-site.

I may have told this story before in previous writings, however, because I believe the understanding of the difference in Principles and value judgments is so important to understanding freedom, I’ll relate my story again.

I had been reading many editorials in Harry Hoiles freedom newspaper chain in general and all the editorials by Robert Lefevre when he was editor of Colorado Springs Gazette, which were consistently about freedom, for quite sometime. Plus, traveling to the ghost town of Chloride Arizona to study, Phylosophic Research under Dr- George Boardman, walking the desert with him as he taught me, I had acquired a fairly good understanding of the meaning of freedom.

After Robert Lefevre left the Colorado Springs Gazette, he founded Rampart College, where The philosophy of freedom was taught. Some-time later, after my husband retired from the military and we were living on a farm, near my hometown of Atlanta, practicing a life to be self-sustaining, we both worked at a Motel Training school, where I became Director. When I decided I wanted to attend Rampart in Colorado.

I applied for a scholarship and the paper I was required to write for scholarship entrance was titled THE MORAL IMPERATIVE. I came home from work that evening, sat down at my old mechanical Royal typewriter, and began writing about Principles and Value Judgement for my entrance examination. Without much effort or forethought, the difference and meaning just seemed to flow out of me as wrote the paper.

Not long afterwards I received a notice I had been awarded one of five distinguished recognition awards. The four others were men, one was from Australia, and one was a Harvard grad, as I recall. I was thrilled beyond words and couldn’t wait to attend. Later my picture appeared on the first page of their college bulletin, sitting in the classroom, with Robert Lefevre at the blackboard.

The article inside titled An approach to liberty stated “The conclusions you form as to the nature and meaning of human Liberty, will affect your decisions now and for the rest of your life” And so they have. While attending, I stayed in “Rose Wilder Lane” dormitory, and introduced to her compelling writings about her “discovery of Freedom.”

While attending Rampart, I visited the news-paper offices of the Colorado Springs Gazette, which was a thrill because I had been reading their paper for so long. I was escorted thru by the new Editor who later wrote an editorial on me titled To A Friend.

It was a wonderful experience attending Rampart, and Robert Lefevre and Dr. Boardman became my main mentors during my discovery years learning about Freedom. Later, when Lefevre developed seminar courses and traveled to other places to teach, when he came thru Atlanta he would call me and several times I met him to co-host on local call-in radio programs. In my copy of his book This Bread is mine, he autographed saying, “To Anne who teaches as she learns.”

Lo these years later, it is my sincere belief, with reference to understanding freedom, “Principles and Value judgements” are the moral imperative to understanding along with knowing that which constitutes “Private Property concept.” Therefore, I’m thrilled no end, suddenly receiving so many comments from readers, going back and reading my web-site issue 212, posted five years ago. I have no idea what prompted this renewed interest in the subject, but so happy over the many comments I’m receiving..

I have a new associate editor, so promptly posting all my current articles, as I continue writing about my experiences and freedom. Theres an old saying, “when the student is ready the teacher appears”, and its my great joy to teach anyone interested about the glories of freedom. I spent several years traveling across this country seeking wonderful teachers, who taught me. Teachers no longer with us but who have left a legacy in their writings.

At the entrance to Rampart was a sign, which read, “Anyone who desires Freedom will find a way to have it” and so it is.

email; annecleveland@bellsouth.net

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