My small family usually gets to gether to dine and celebrate holidays. Yesterday, on Mother’s Day we met in Alpharetta, in the Community of Ocee, where Ken grew up.

I grew up in a family that always snapped a lot of pictures, back in the days of Kodak, when one took film to a drugstore for development. In today’s world of fast track instantaneous living, immediate reproduction of photographs, it is interesting to observe how much grandchildren grow up in-between holiday celebrations.

Other changes of interest is Bonnie always has a different hairdo & color, and Hank & James always arrive in the latest up-to-date new model fancy cars. Our new addition to the family adopted 7 year old RJR, exceptionally smart, and quite an interesting child. Nine year old Will enjoys games with RJR.

My family is rather small simply because I’ve out-lived most every-one. But delighted to receive Mother’s Day wishes from nieces, Janet Williams & Jacque Bently and Nephew Tony Preston. Jacque has her own photograpgy Studio, Janet’s in the banking business, Tony is a cranial, sacrum expert, who not only practices but writes the textbook for that specialized area of healing.

Then a few years back, we met a cousin I didn’t know I had, Terry Kellum, an executive in the communication business, who thoughtfully sent wishes on Mother’s Day. I can truthfully say, nothing boring about my small family. They are all interesting in their different fields of endeavor.

I must say the most emotionally impacting event was a return to the area I lived in for 8 years where Ken grew up and we lived in the Rock house, with adjacent Antique shop, surrounded by several barns. Of all the places I have lived, the time there has the most vivid memories, Totally shocked to return, and see so much development. A shopping center replaced Rock house, barns & antigue shop, with a Publix Grocery slap-dab in the center of where the Rock house sat. Total area filled with sub-division of expensive homes, replacing those country houses of my neighbors. I had to fight back tears as we drove thru.

When I re-visit the area I grew up in Madison County, the house I lived in is torn down, but the homes of both grand-parents are still standing. Large country houses, one in madison County, the Other in Jackson county. I can walk down the big center hallway, those homes had & recall running and playing there. I don’t know about others, but it’s like fuel for my soul to return to areas of the past & recall pleasant memories, despite the fact that there were unpleasant times; I filter those out and enjoy the moment of recall of good-times.

For example, very pleasant memories of spending night with grandparents in Jackson County, when the Sunday morning newspaper was delivered on front porch, I would lie down on the wrap-around veranda on a pallet and read the Sunday morning funny section of the Atlanta Constitution. Little Orphan Annie and Dick Tracy. Then playing ball in the large, sand-surfaced front yard.

In those days, no grass lawns to mow, all yards were hard surface red clay, with sand on top, maintained by sweeping clean on a regular basis and a hedge across front for looks & privacy. Always back then, homes surrounded by a number of barns, where the animals were housed, plus buggies and wagons. Plus the T-model Fords.

Having lived in the Far East four years, I’ve traveled a far piece from a life back when, but always an emotional feeling of homecoming when I return for a visit.

On special holidays with current family & friends, I always experience a feeling of nostalgia, going back to other eras, of times and places. Come this Monday morning, ready to move on with life today. However, living in a town, filled with restored homes of a past era, each time I drive thru the main street of beautiful ante-bellum homes, a reminder of a past life that truly is “Gone With The Wind”.



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