Life in these United States has changed dramatically since I was in grade school growing up on a farm in North-east Georgia. On the other hand, there’s a great deal about every-day life that does not change & the status quo remains the same.

I’m always trying to figure things out in general, and my country tis of thee in particular. Currently diverted trying to figure out a mouse problem. Once in awhile one gets in my house, and I can’t figure out how, unless they are like Santa coming down the chimney.

My handyman comes puts stuff around the house & sets traps inside, mostly under furniture & under sink. Coupla days ago smelled something very unpleasant, called my handyman and he found a mouse in trap under sink, removed & set another one.
My handyman I call Mr. H, is very reliable, trustworthy and can do many different things. Up-coming project is new roof on the house.. When he comes we chit-chat about current affairs & what’s happening in this country. Mostly I talk & he listens. He’s my sounding board.

A few days ago when he came, I got on the subject of what’s happening in this country. The news is filled with racist talk, Russia & Putin talk, gas & grocery prices rising, professional sports owner fired, school shootings, stock market vacillating, President Obama & wife spending millions traveling aroiund in the midst of news about hungry children. National news about Georgia changing gun laws, government land grab attempts, & resistance from protesters. News about Obamacare, & health problems, and upcoming mid-term elections.

My quiet natured handy-man, after resetting mouse traps, sits down & listens to me vent. I complain, about news poll-takers and all the hype expectations of a turn around in November by kicking out Democrats in Congress & replacing with Rhino Republicans. I voice my opinion about voters & Obama, and belief, despite all the grumbling name calling, voters will go to the polls and vote in support of him and his agenda, in November. I express my opinion of poll-takers, pundits, & politicians, mis-reading the tempo of the people in general at this period in our history.

When I slowed down to take a breath, my low-key, sweet-natured handyman, been working for me about 8 years spoke up and said, “I voted for Obama, and will vote for him again”!!!

Well that took the wind out of my sail, and I started laughing. Mr. “H” confirmed the point I was trying to make.. Which is a pall of fear across this nation, and despite all the news presentation, Congress & the President taking us in wrong direction, the president is still, “liked” by a majority of voters. And despite news by pollsters & pundits, to the contrary, there’s no magic bullet shoo-in of a Republicans in November and the average day laborer & all those on the hand-out government dole will go to the polls and vote Democratic in November.

Despite all the venting name-calling of President Obama in social media, he remains likable to the majority, and most flock to polls & vote for those they like, not on issues facing this country..

It’s not going to be government educated intellectuals, pollsters, pundits & politicians who determine the outcome in November. It’s going to be the entitlement crowd of non-workers and ordinary day laborers who determine the outcome in November, and they like president Obama and the Democrats, despite the fact they may not like Obamacare and high gas prices, and expensive genetically modified groceries.
The bearer of , “bad news” is never very popular and news & information, about conditions and the ditch were in in this country, I dont think will be reflected in the polls in November. It’s a sort of ,”fools paradise” mentality pervasive in this country at this time in our history..

I’d like to be sincerely wrong in my opinion about the tempo of the majority of American citizens in this country, but the reality is, despite the fact a minority standing up and resisting the onslaught of Socialism, a lot of folks like the status quo.

The Roman Stoic Philosopher Seneca said: “Enjoy present pleasures in such a way as not to injure future ones.”

Let Freedom Ring


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  1. Not sure how he plans to vote for Obama again, since he can’t run for a 3rd term. Maybe that show’s the level of knowledge of the average Obama supporter.
    It’s been years since I had a mouse in the house. I usually get my BB gun and wait to ambush them. It’s more exciting that way.

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  3. Hi Kent, So much in the news is fact and supposition.. Its my opinion President Obama will seek to find a way to stay in power. I lived in the great socialist FDR era. No-one seemed to believe he would find a way to re-main in office for life, way past 2nd term, but he did.No one knows if Obama will re-main after 2nd term, however others aside from myself, believe he will try. For me the interesting point to my Handy-mans response, is his agreement with the mind set of a socialist.