On April 19, an article I wrote posted on my web-site titled America needs a Leader with Guts to lead in right direction out of Socialism“, issue 1038.

Because I have written hundreds of articles, in support of the self-government of Freedom, which is the antithesis of dependency upon political government, I!m very lucky to have some very astute readers, who call me out if I write anything which has the appearance of inconsistency in the two philosophies. And they should.

My claim “America ,needs” a new leader, and my decision to support one, appears to be a contradiction to my stance about freedom. And it might be, but I always try to be consistent.

I’ll try to explain by relating a personal story. When it comes to health, I very much lean in favor of taking personal responsibility for one’s health.. When it comes to organized medicine, I view it as a practice to treat with three things when a patient has a problem: i.e. cut it out, drug it up, or burn it up with chemotherapy. I do go to medical doctors, but try to ‘doctor’ myself as much as I can. I feel the “need” to go particularly for testing. Like blood test, PET scans and etc, which monitor one’s condition.

Its probably been six or seven years ago, a test revealed the presence of cancer, and immediately every one I spoke too wanted to operate, and I objected. I avoided and delayed surgery, until two years ago, when a PET scan revealed a mass in my colon, near the ileo-cecal valve, which was close to obstructing.. Therefore I went looking for some-one I felt comfortable with to operate, and led to a very competent woman surgeon. She explained the procedure and re-assuring, I would come thru operation OK. I agreed to proceed, and sure enough I breezed thru the major surgery of removing part of the colon where the cancer mass had grown.

I returned home, went on a self-help metabolic ecology program and did not return to the surgeon for next two years. A few months ago returned for a colonoscopy checkup, which revealed a few minor problems, I work on daily to stay vertical
I believe cancer is a constitutional disease rooted in every drop of blood, and cannot be cut out, only the seat of the area nature uses trying to defeat the disease. I still have cancer but address it everyday of my life, on a program that “Feeds the body and starves the cancer cells.”

My point in relating this story, is my vehement objections to the knife and operations. However when one is faced with a life threatening situation,one selects an option, which is ordinarily objectionable to prolong ones life, when the danger of losing it seems so iminent, from the stand-point of common-sense. That which we value, our very life, sometimes faced with difficult challenges to get past a crisis condition.

In this connection, it’s my opinion, we the people in this country face an extreme crisis, which boils down to one premise, i.e. life in Freedom, or bondage of a totalitarian system of Socialism. Because cancer is an enemy which invades one’s body, I view the two brands of socialism (i.e. fascism & communism) as two enemies who have invaded this country

The route we chose to embrace socialism, was the ballot box. We voted into power a regime, with such lust for power, the laws of The U.S. Constitution are ignored. It is self-evident the tempo of the general citizenry is such they will turn out to vote in upcoming election. And I decided to pay more attention to candidates, to pass information along to those who will be voting anyway, with information about the ones who’s record & reputation support the Principles this nation was founded from.

In no place in my articles, do I advertise “Get Out the Vote.” When I promote the idea, “we need a new leader,” it simply means I recognize the political system under which we live, recognize the leaders we have & recognize the majority who vote, will go to the polls, regardless of who’s running, so the second best thing, is promote a candidate who will abide by the laws.

Like cancer, one cannot cut out, only cut out the effects of the disease, then initiate a program, to deal with its invasion by a clean up program,of starving the cancer by nurturing healthy cells. We need to nurture by supporting the ideals of those basic principles which made ours a country, “which provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization.” “Which is one route we can take, to defeat Socialism.” There may be others, but we can begin, from where we are with what we have, to effect change. And what we have is a system of power,which installed itself into power under false pretenses of false promises. Who have violated the tenets of the system we previously had in place.

I write from the standpoint of what I perceice as the most desirable way of life, and that’s one living in freedom. And recognize what we have today is a system of political government which opposes personal freedom. What I’m saying is we have a “need” to change the dynamics of the current system, which could begin with installation of a different kind of leader. Actually could be accomplished by installation of leaders of each fifty States, who implement states Rights.

The system now is such, because the centralized Federal system has devised ways of demanding & collecting the money, most State Governors are subservient to the dictates of Federal in order to have money taken out of the state returned. A system that has the people and State Governors “Over a barrel.”

I reiterate that which we, “need” is protection from foreign and Domestic enemies,which was the original purpose of this Constitutional System. Currently, we do not have that protection, we’re wide open and vulnerable, to any & everything the current regime dictates. And like cancer, we must get rid of the, “mass of Obstruction” before we can proceed with a healing to return to a life in freedom.

If there is a better more effective way, any of my readers have, please feel free to express. I have a comment section and my e-mail is on each article posted.

Henry Commager, historian stated: “Men in authority will always think that criticism of their policies is dangerous. They will always equate their policies with patriotism and find criticism subversive.” An old Southern saying. “Ain’t that the truth!!!”

Let Freedom Ring
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