Here in the State of Georgia, on Tuesday May 20th a primary election will be held for a run-off of several candidates vying to be the midterm November general election choice for Senator to replace retiring Senator Saxby Chambliss.

I arose early this morning and wrote an article titled The Metamorphisis of the Monarch Butterfly and City Parks, sent to my associate editor for posting. Before turning my computer off, I decided to check my Facebook page, and whamm0 – leaping from my home page, campaign pictures and ads.

Not only was I startled by the picture and ads, my achilles heel was really struck by just how stupid the candidate must view the Georgia voter. An ad by David Perdue,  said “If you want different results from Washington, we have to send a different kind of person To Washington.” Previously, he’d been asking for your vote because he’s an, “Outsider.”

Apparently, being a newcomer to politics, he wants your vote because he’s a different kind of outsider. If it were not for the seriousness of the matter, it would be downright laughable; he thinks you, the voter, gonna place your stamp of approval on him, because he’s  “A new kind of Outsider.” What does that mean and what does that tell you? It tells me he thinks you, the voter, are so stupid that you won’t figure out if elected him as an “Outsider,” he won’t immediately become an “insider.”  And what’s an “insider?” One and the same with the rest of that bunch of 535 elected Congressmen who have led us down the road to fascism, communism, and socialism unless they promise & keep promise to act otherwise.

His campaign ads have included pictures of babies playing in front of White House and with each other, to portray the infantile mentality of those already in seats of power, but he wants you to believe hes different because he’s an”outsider”.. a newcomer. He does go on to say, he’s “gonna cut and grow the economy.” That’s the standard line they all say to get elected.

I’ve been following the rhetoric of all the candidates, and aside from tearing down each other, and double-speak double talk, so non-compis-mentis, with nothing proposed to get this nation out of the ditch we’re in, they seem to be determined to portray the people as being so stupid, we are as ignorant of the issues as they present themselves as being.. and wants you to vote him into power because “he’s a different kind of Outsider.” One who will obviously become the “Same kind of Insider” if you vote him in. And I say that because he has presented no particular insight to the myriad of problems we face, with no proposed solutions.

With all the political problems we face on every political front, surely he could have come up with a few he would consider addressing with at least one solution to one problem, but I haven’t heard any. Only a repetitious mantra: “I’m a newcomer, an outsider.”

I don’t know David Perdue. Never heard of him before he became a candidate for the Senate seat. All I know about him is how he describes himself, talking to you as the voter he wants to represent. And he thinks you want him to represent you, because he presents himself as an “outsider, newcomer.” I view that as a condescending attitude, looking down on you as he tries to entice you to look up to him.

I see the American people as hard working, caring and generous for the most part, well aware something is very wrong with the direction things are going in this country, and looking for a leader to represent politically and who understand s our problem, the cause and a solution and of a mind to try if elected.

If he’s right, all the people want is a “newcomer outsider” who, if elected, will become a  “newcomer insider,” with no clue as to what the problems are and no articulated specifics as to solutions. And because he doesn’t understand the problem, runs with no solutions (and thinks you don’t either), then he’s your man to be the next elected representative to the Senate.

When you vote for a candidate to represent, you are not sending one to a school to be taught what the problems and solutions are; there are too many people who already know that. To send someone to Washington because he’s a “newcomer outsider” as he describes himself.. I’m just amazed at the naivete of a candidate who expects Georgia voters to send him to Congress because he’s “a newcomer outsider.” All those before him were at one-time “newcomer outsiders.” Take a look at the mess they have made of things, now so far and away from the Principles this nation was founded upon by our founding fathers, who left the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution as a guide, and that they have ignored to a great extent.. after taking an oath to uphold.

Isn’t there a candidate out there willing to stand up and say “I want to be elected to represent my state according to the laws of the U.S. Constitution?” A document with an underlying purpose to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies.



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