Here in the State of Georgia, there is an upcoming run-off primary, prior to the November mid-term general election. A half dozen hopefuls are vying for the Senate seat vacated by Sazby Chambliss. I’ve been listening to ads and reading about the political hopefuls in the current race, and I must say never have I heard such boring, non-specific, absurd verbiage, coming from political hopefuls in my life-time.

Growing up in Georgia, when political campaigns took center stage, they were fun and exciting. A time when families, neighbors in communities, in school, in churches got involved. Everyone had an opinion, old & young, and campaign speeches had barbecue and iced tea served extravagantly. Attending political rallies was a big social event.

Coming home tired from an all day rally, after a good night’s sleep, then family & neighbors gathered on front porches to talk politics, argue and express opinions. I recall one specific issue was proposal for free textbooks in public schools.. When I started school, my parents had to buy textbooks. Today, with so much covered by taxpayers, any & everything is free in the public school system.

Today, there’s an underlying belly of the beast of politics that’s the same, but much in campaigning quite different. Here’s some of the verbiage in Campaign Ads for front runner David Perdue. “If you want different results from Washington- we have to send a different kind of Person. I!ll work to change term limits.” Further reporting in ads, “successful business leader, who helped grow some of America’s most recognizable companies.”

Then there’s Jack Livingston, already a Congressman seeking the vacant Senatorial seat, running ads of four children, displaying torn shirt sleeves, suggesting growing up they thought, the used clothing store was the local mall, and then Livingston himself in front of older station wagon, saying he approves of the ad.

Just a sample of the kind of campaign political rhetoric being paraded before voters. Mostly nothingness, non-specific, incoherent, boring babble, I have ever heard in any political campaign, bar none.

Is this the sign of the times? With all the serious problems facing this nation, does the politician view the American as being so stupid and unconcerned that they expect approval for a seat of power, from voters, by the most, non-specific, ridiculous, absence of addressing issues, projected as incoherent as I have ever heard?

Clearly, the American voter can no longer blame the messenger for the ditch were in, because there is no message that makes any sense coming forth from the mouths of hopefuls, and campaign ads. The newcomers as well as the re-run politician, all sound the same, repetitiously, and robotly verbalizing the same rhetoric of nothingness.

It’s a very sad commentary on the sign of the times. Projects an attitude, the average american citizen, now so brain-washed, and uninformed, relative to the actuality of conditions, that the candidate can, all dressed up, with a mic in hand, express nothing that even implies change for the better and be elected to a high salaried position of power to run this country.

This kind of campaigning, in essence, is more reflective of the people than the candidate, because it mirrors the nothingness one settles for and votes into power.  What a shame!! This great nation which once stood for admirable Principles, now settling for such meaningless values, expressed by the candidates.

Truth, Patriotism, and freedom, where art thou?



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