Sometimes, I receive request in my comment section from other individuals, groups or school, with similar lines of thinking relative to The Philosophy of Freedom.

There is a school, Freedom Mountain Academy in Tennessee, that not only teaches the Philosophy from a blackboard, and is a boarding school, where students actively live and participate in a lifestyle practicing the self-responsibility required to be Free.

Its a beautiful facility, nestled in the western, north-east corner of Tennessee; a boarding school for high school students. It’s sorta like a working farm, with a garden and chickens that the students take care of, and a part of the education is learning survival techniques, from time spent out-doors doing chores. As I recall also horseback riding.

The school has lovely domitory facilities and a dining hall, where the students learn how to cook and serve scrumptous meals. Its a small school with a limited number of students, therefore anyone interested in attending next term should make application early.

Every year they celebrate Patriots Day and visitors from across the country come to celebrate and enjoy the festivities.

This year Patriots Day celebration a bit late because of weather. My son Ken just called on his way to attend. The same son that stood in Front of the White House in Washington two weeks ago and read out-loud the Declaration of Independence.

I attended a Patriots Day Celebration three years ago in 2011, and was awarded their prestigious Freedom School Lexington Award, for my stand on Freedom and writings on my website supporting The Philosophy of Freedom.

The Founders of The Freedom Mountain Academy, Kevin and Patricia Cullinane, are graduates of Robert Lefevres Rampart College, where The Philosophy of Freedom was taught, and both are two great teachers.

Aside from the high acadenic standards of the school, each student learns a great deal more from actuallly experiencing first hand activties that teach self-responsibility and how to live self-sustaining lives..

I don’t know of another school like this in the United States.For further information, one can inquire via E-mail. It’s Freedom Mountain Academy, in Mountain City, Tennessee.

Let Freedom Ring


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