I recently received a challenging post from a reader, saying, “I would be interested in hearing how you bridge the disconnect between the ideals of freedom & liberty and your belief we need government despite it being anti-thesis to those ideals.”

First off, I don’t ever recall advocating any belief we need government. However if I have, I definitely wish to know where and when. In the meantime, probably a good topic to discuss.

There are some things we want or desire, for me political government is not one of them, but other areas of, “need,” like food, clothing and shelter are necessary for survival. There’s a notion between some psychologists and psychiatrists who claim that we have a “need” for attention, over & beyond the need for food, clothing & shelter. And point to some who get sick and die for attention. Reading all the stuff on social media suggests there’s a strong desire for attention, if not necessarily a need.

I would suggest we have a need for protection, when faced with life threatening situations. And living in an era when there is so many threats of eniment danger, coming from inside this country and other regimes around the world, common sense intelligence informs us there’s a greater concern about the need for protection today, than 200 years ago.

A number of years ago I visited Okinawa and an area of tall cliffs overlooking the ocean, looking down, there were bones of individuals, who jumped and committed suicide out of fear an atomic bomb would be dropped on them after Hiroshima, according to stories from locals. In my opinion, these people needed protection, from erroneous fears perpetrated on them, because inso far as I know there were never any plans to drop an atomic bomb on Okinawa.

Because of the threat imposed upon us because so many other countries now have atomic bombs and planes to transport to any place in the universe, we do need some kind of centralized deterrent to ward off such threats of impending danger. And what would that be aside from a centralized political system, well-armed with means of warding off such an attack? I don’t know. What I do know is we need protection from a world filled with a bunch of nuts with access to wholesale destructive apparatus, which they already have in their arsenals.

After the American Revolution, when a new government was created, its stated purpose was to “protect from Foreign and domestic enemies.” However we are today living under a centralized government which has extended its powers far beyond its original intent as set forth in the Constitution.

Back before the Revolutionary War, there was no political government set up and equipped to deal with the well armed British, but ordinary individuals, gathered together with weapons and successfully fought off the invaders. No armed individuals today are equipped to ward off attacks from planes carrying bombs. Therefore we do “need” some means of protection for that possibility, and I don’t know what that would be aside from some form of political government, equipped with men, planes and warning apparatus to stay on guard and ready, in the event of an attack.

We definitely do not need the lying, conniving, spying kind of government we have, that’s dismantling America and disarming and dismantling the military.

If the majority of the American people are so lethargic, and disinterested in stopping the onslaught of our own government on freedom and property in this country, what is it about the attitude, which would indicate they would rise up to resist any attacks from other governments?

The only thing I have seen, which is any indication, there’s still a few with a “root hog or die ” resistance was the coming together of resistance over the Bundy Ranch in Nevada’s BLM armed attack on the rancher. And what did our government do? Label them “domestic terrorists.”

As I see it, that which we need currently is protection from the government we already have, and I don’t know the answer to our dilemma, unless its unseating the current batch in power and re-placing with men of honor, who will adhere to the basic tenets of the original Constitution. We do need “protection” and protection always works. At the moment it doesn’t, it’s no longer protection, and obviously at this juncture in our history we don’t have it.

I’ve never advocated we have a need for a political government. But I do advocate we have a need for protection, for so much which threatens that’s beyond individuals separately to provide. And if the government we have adhered to the basic tenets for which it was created, it could provide protection for that need. Obviously it does not and we face a serious delemma in this country, like never before.

The symbolic upside down pyramid is teetering. And if the list of 76 lawless actions of current regime just released by Ted Cruz are true, we the people are in grave danger. Not at some future time but today.

My understanding, belief and adherence to the philosophy of freedom, is consistent. I have no misgivings relative to any inconsistencies relative to self-government and my understanding of political government. I can adamantly proclaim, we have no need for the kind of political government we have in power today. And I never voted to place in power. And because all Americans are affected by the current regime’s rulings, we all have a , “dog in this fight” so to speak. No-one exempt.

Let Freedom Ring

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