Congress is apparently waking from their slumber of the PTA syndrome. That’s eating, meeting and retreating. Now they’re hyping up investigations, and finally getting around to filing contempt charges. It’s going to be interesting to see if anything sticks from throwing so much against the wall, all of a sudden, in this mid-term election year.

Republicans still don’t have their act together, but apparently are realizing the November election is not going to be a shoo-in proposition.

I live in the State of Georgia, where politics have always been front and center on election years. The Governor’s seat is up for re-election, along with an open Senatorial seat this November. When I grew up, Democrats dominated politics in Georgia, however now-a days Republicans seem to be more popular. The more things change, the more much remains the same..

As I listen to political ads and political speeches, the more I’m struck by a lot of non-compus mentis yackitty-yak, here in this state. A lot of talk about nothing. Talk about problems with few solutions. Unlike some other states,, with Republican governors who have initiated some real turn-around solutions, like Louisiana, Ohio and Wisconsin, in their States.

Insofar as national politics and current activities in Congress, everything still stuck in the talking stage and nothing yet happening, which has made a “smidigen” of difference, relative to turning the tide around from the direction we’re headed.  There, however seems to be more awareness about the problems facing this nation, with some renewed effort to confront the demons. Issuing contempt charges and formation of the special Committee to get to the bottom of Benghazi debacle, is a step in the right direction, however renewed efforts are still waiting for results. The problem is, renewed efforts so long coming, the powers at be to transform America, now have such a foot-hold, with momentum, with the tenacity of a pitbull to retain & gain more power, no guarantee of change, not yet anyway.

The problem being Congress has sat on their tails and hands so long before taking any action, it’s now a crap shoot, with regards to outcome. There’s a great book by John T. Flynn, I read a long time ago, titled While you Slept and Congress has been asleep at the switch a very long time, with Obama, Reid & Pelosi writing the script. And they’re gonna fight to hang on to their power, like waving a wand.

Much political capitol invested in up-coming elections, when the process of voting is crooked as a barrel of snakes. Recent news about a million plus votes counted twice in last election is a warning of things to come. Rather late news two years after the fact. Which is just another indication, Congress and the people behind the curve of signs of the times, marching rapidely towards a totalitarian system of government.

It’s interesting how and why Contempt charges just filed against Lois Lerner, over IRS targeting Tea Party members, relative to tax returns. I wrote an article about how the Tea Party would be targeted when first formed. It was lesson 101 – I learned years ago when I naively battled the tax-supported school system thinking I could change things. A lesson that served me well when I successfully stood up for my own children, in subsequent battles. Like successfully removing and home-schooling, when it was unacceptable and faced arrest for defiance of compulsory attendance laws. Then in another instance, filing suit in Federal court over forced immunizations for a younger son, attending public schools in a different state, and won when judges ruled in my favor and had the law changed in Georgia.

Individually, one person at a time can effect change, but always organized resistance will be attacked. Lo these years later, living quietly enjoying my grandchildren, and writing, I’m not active in any area of politics, any longer. Writing is cathartic for me to express my concerns about a country and Freedom I love. I relate stories about some of my experiences, battling the system, that’s the enemy of freedom.. with grave concerns about the future of my grandchildren.



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