Millions of school children get out of school this month, climbing in the family car to hit the road to the Lake, the beach and Disney world, along with their parents, looking for someplace to have fun, and get away.

What is it everyone is trying to get away from? Traveling along the highways, with children in the back seat playing with iPads, while parents in front listen to radio news, the only thing anyone getting away from, is a few weeks reprieve away from the public school indoctrination into socialism, before returning home to get ready, shopping the malls for school clothes for next term, to repeat the same cycle as the previous term.

Upon return, checking the mail for credit card statements, listing expense of the “vacation,” many wondering how they will pay, as many grab the month’s food stamp allotment, head to grocery store to stock up on “free food” and prepare for another nine months of schooling, which begins for many in August.

Listening to evening news about the corruption in government, the mistreatment of military veterans, rampant abuse of children, midtern elections, lies and promises of politicians, raising of taxes to fund non-workers in this country, plus billions collected to send to other countries around the world.. The President speaking about how angry & up-set he is, before his next golf game. And congressmen name-calling partiotic Americans, as domestic terrorist, as conditions go from bad to worse in this country.

Never in my lifetime have I observed so much confusion among the majority of Americans. Many seeking refuge by labels. Theres the Right-wing and Left-wing, Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals, Christians and Muslims, Pro-market and anti-state.

There was a time in our history, when one could find refuge in family values, justice in the court system, comfort in church service, expectations of adherence to Constitutional laws, and accountability from politicians. We believed the FBI and police would round up criminals, and curb crimes.

There was a time when we believed ours was a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Now, discovering those millions in government paid jobs, in the various departments, are a far cry from truthful, honest, law-abiding, citizens looking out for the best-interest of the Citizenry..

Current revelations present a picture of lying, stealing, cheating, spying, non-tax-paying employees in charge of the various government departments. Many operated by union members and union bosses. The largest union, the NEA, operates the schools. Now learning all the ill-fated veterans administration, operated by seventy-percent union members and operating under the fraudulent cover of secret paperwork while returning war veterans dying for lack of medical care.

We are a country absent moral leadership. We have a president who says hes angry over recent revelations of VA and appointed one in charge who says, “he’s mad as hell,” and does nothing to effectively right the wrongs committed in various government departments.

Daily we hear increased talk about, “martial law.” Ask any school kid if they know what martial law is. By definition it is jurisdiction or rule by military force over the citizens, when law and order no longer function or exist.

This country has been converted from one of individual freedom, operating a free enterprise system, to a different system of Socialism. And what is socialism? Its defined by the body of socialist doctrines formulated by Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels, the basic tenets are dialectic materialism, the theory of class struggle and the labor theory of value. The modification, of marxist Phylosophy or doctrines of Lenin.

And Lenin is the communist leader who informed us back in the twenties, the United States would fall into the hands of Communism without a shot being fired, it would fall into the hands of communism like over-ripe fruit.

We have been led down the bridal path of socialism, believing the mantra, “it can’t happen here.” And how has it happened? Quite clearly by the expansion and control of all the political government Departments, who lie, cheat, steal and spy on american citizens, using the controlled news media, whose mantra is, “equality, equality, equality.” The big lie promoted to gain superiority, for incoming socialism..

Those now in charge are well-educated in the “dialectical materialism” of Karl Marx, And like dripping water, without a shot being fired, have taken over this country via promotion of, “equality.” From the out-set it was never equality, but Superiority has been the aim from the beginning. Now self-evident, as government controlled departments, from agriculture to Veterans administration, to NSA and IRS in charge. Including Immigration department.

Today, the majority of American citizenry, so confused, and misled down the bridal path of socialism, have no-idea where to turn. as they hang on to labels, like Democrats or Republicans, or conservative or liberals; meaningless labels, when the bottom line is Freedom or Bondage. There is no in between.. The One-World Socialist now in charge.

This year of 2014 is our last chance to roll back the stone of Socialism, now on top of us.



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  1. Political tags — such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth — are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.” ~ Robert A. Heinlein

    I have no such desire. Socialism is having the desire, but denying you do, while advocating others do the controlling (and resultant stealing) on your behalf.