An ongoing news story for several weeks now, is the one about an American soldier, on his way to VA Hospital in California, missed his turn, and mistakenly wound up across the Mexican border. According to reports, when held by Mexican police, he presented his credentials, and admitted he had three guns in his vehicle, showed US registration, and presented enough evidence to show to the authorities he was no gun runner in Mexico to sell guns, but just an American soldier who took the wrong turn, and wound up in Mexico by mistake.

The main news media has mentioned the story, but only Fox News has continued reporting and updating. Greta Van Sustern has covered extensively, and even went to Mexico and tried unsuccessfully to meet with the incarcerated soldier.

This is an extremely important story, because it reveals so much about our current government. A picture of this soldier should be on every front page newspaper, with a caption he’s the poster soldier, epitomizing so much of what’s wrong with the centralized government in Washington. An absence of governing according to the basic tenets of the laws of the U.S. Constitution; specifically, first and foremost, it is the job and duty of the government to protect its citizens from Foreign and domestic enemies. Obviously, an American citizen being held in a foreign jail, by the Mexican government, simply because he made a wrong traffic turn, because the signs and directions on the high-way were unclear and confusing, accidentally wound up in Mexico.

Here’s an American soldier, having already served a coupla tours in Afghanistan who took an oath to defend this Country, made a wrong traffic turn, and has been held for weeks in a foreign country jail, and our U.S. Government has done nothing to defend his life and Liberty, being held under the jurisdiction of a foreign government.

Currently, much in the news over Benghazi, as the result of absence of protection of American citizens in a foreign country, and it should be front page news. One must ask, what is the difference in the case of the American soilder being wrongly jailed in Mexico and the un-protected Americans in Benghazi? In both cases, the Us Government has failed toperform its primary duty of protecting the citizenry from foreign enemies.

I havent heard one word about the American embassy in Mexico, doing anything to come to the rescue of a wrongly jailed American soldier. Nor has the Commander-in-Chief of the military, the President of the United States, stepped forth with any news he has done anything for the release of the American soldier.

The Secretary of State, John Kerry, we now know is over all Ambassadors in Foreign Countries and is currently in Mexico, meeting with officials there. Today, the young American has already been held for several weeks, so why is there no demand by our government officials for his release?

And why is it, all the elected politicians in Congress, voted into power by the people to represent the people according to the laws of the Constitution.. why is it they are not standing up and speaking out, for protection and release of an American soldier, being wrongly held in a foreign jail?

This story is of particular interest to me because of my personel experience, being held in a foreign jail, as the wife of a military officer, living in Japan. I had only been there a short time when I wound up in a Japanese jail. Myself and four other wives were on a shopping trip in the prefecture where the movie Sayonara was filmed, when the driver, the squadron Commander’s wife, hit a child on a bike. We were all taken to jail. The child was not hurt, and I was just a passenger in the car, but placed in jail and interrogated for hours by Japanese police. I recall being asked if I was a member of the Communist party. I was able to get a call thru to the Itami Air base Provost office and they sent an airman 3rd class out, who simply sat, folded his arms & did nothing. I was eventually released after hours of gruelling interrogation.

I recall vividly the feeling of helplessness being incarcerated in a foreign jail, a different language & call for help from my government, and none was forthcoming. It’s a sad commentary on the system of government we have, which does not step forward and fulfill the duty it’s elected to fulfill, which is to protect its citizens from foreign & domestic enemies. So negligent in this area, Congress has recently appointed a special committee to investigate the absence of help and protection in the Benghazi case.

I see no difference in the negligence of the U.S. government protection in the Benghazi case and the case of an American soldier being held in a Mexican jail, and the failure of this government to come to his aid and rescue him. He sits behind bars in a foreign country, that speaks a different language, being guarded by foreign police, while the mother of the soldier desperately seeks to have him released, and American Press unable to see and interview, after traveling to the prison in Mexico. And thus far, our government has done nothing effectively to expedite his release.

The jailed American is no ordinary citizen, hes an American soldier, and the President of the United States is his Commander-in-Chief, and thus far after several weeks in jail, we the people have not heard anything from the President addressing his incarceration.

Credit goes to Greta Van Sustern of Fox News for her reporting updates and her stand to try and help the wrongly jailed American soldier.

It was Plato, 429-347 BC who said: “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly while bad people will find a way around the laws.”



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  1. SWL says:

    Enjoyed your post. The main media outlets have been amazingly quiet about this situation. What a shame! I’m going to contact my Congressional representatives about this.

  2. Connie Hillman says:

    I have been following this story too. FOX News is the only station that we can depend on for real news. I hope this man is freed soon.
    If we would stop foreign aid to mexico until he is released, I bet that would speed it up!!

  3. Gil Cooper says:

    I will assume that the American soldier is white. I don’t believe the Obama administration would allow a foreign country to hold a black soldier.
    These are just my personal feelings after the way that he addressed the Ferguson, Missouri Shooting. If the soldier is white he will not have Jesse Jackson or The Honorable Rev. Al Sharpton to come to his aid. My praise to Fox news. The other news channels are a joke.

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