I just read the most detailed descriptive analysis of projected future events relative to the Nevada Rancher Bundy, the protestors and government intervention.

To read this powerful detailed account, go to Lew Rockwell.com and read to-days account , april 21st, by David Hathaway titled, “Whats next for the Bundys””.a riviting account, of the most likely course the government will take, in the days ahead, after things cool down a bit, and news focus is elsewhere.

Writer Hathaway explains; :The attack on the Bundys will be planned to be large enough so as to not fail since precedents are considered by the Feds.”

Further stating theres a possibility that doors will be smashed down in darkness of early morning raids for all the Bundy family members, supporters and ranch hands.”

This very lengthy detailed writing, is impacting, in regards to information commensurate with the modus operandi relative to the way political government operates, when the decision is to have their way, come hell or high water.. Such as the case of the cattle Rancher Cliven bundy, and any others associated with him.

Th earticle goes on to say, “The most likely first step for the violent option involves the impaneling by government, “experts, giving sensational overviews of generic un-American activities, terroist groups and Right wing extremist. of a Grand Jury that will be brought along slowly, with presentationsby goverrnment, “experts.”

Goes on to say ,” If that happens it wont be immediate. The following factors all effect the time-line for the response, which I estimate to be about three weeks, give or take a week or two’.” Goes on to explain the smash and grab, scenario.

As I read this detailed report on specifics, couldnt help but identify with ,the “BROKEN WINDOW” parable, political government uses so frequently, in its bullying take-over techniques. Such De Je vou, operational techniques.. If one understands Bastiats, Broken Window Theory< and recognizes how often government has used in past events, it makes the projections by writer David Hathaway, more plausible and likely.

It is the most plausible, in-sightful, detailed projection of coming events I have read in a long time.For all Americans in General and specifically for those who will most likely be direct targets, this is a must read. to copy and keep handy to re-read if & when these projections come to pass.Because once it starts its imperative to have some knowledge of what to expect next.

Its a very real modern day,”One if by Land and two if by sea”, warning. “David Hathaway[send him e-mail] is a former DEA agent. He is a cowboy and offcionada of latin America, where he has lived and traveled extensively. He is a Homeschooling father of nine children and maintains the web-site, “Charityendureth.com.”

His article is copy righted by ” Lew Rockwell.com” and permission is granted to copy in whole or parts granted, provided full credit & link are given.’



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