In my long and varied life, I have been priviledged to have some great teachers, particularly during those years I was learning, “The Phylosophy of Freedom.” On the other hand, much relative to my stance of love of Freedom and country, stems from personal experiences.

If one checks back on some of my previous one-thousand-plus articles posted on my web-site, there are stories about how I discovered the draw-back on position of formal organization resistance to positions and ideas, and the effectiveness of individual positions for and against.
Plus many articles in reference to understanding the real meaning of Freedom, plus indepth insight into the modus operandi of political government. Which would be helpful to understanding of all thats taking place currently, particularly relative to the current news about the Nevada Rancher.

It was in Navada during the sixties, when I organized a small group of locals, to review text-books, and point out the tenets of Socialism being taught in text-books,is when I learned the extent radical left-wing, communist type sympathizers would go to t destroy my small group interested in improving the schools.Myself and others were so viciously attacked, the day before we were scheduled to appear before Navada Text-book commission, out of fear of the reprisals all called and refused to go, so I appeard alone. It was a valuable lesson, I learned which guided me in my subsequent battles to improve schooling., ultimately discovering nothing would improve an immoral system, and removed my children & home-schooled

To-day it is particularly evident, how formal reststance is attacked, pervasive in attacks against the organized Tea Party.And secondly, in the effectiveness of non-formal organization of resistance to actions of the government as it relates to the case of Rancher Clive Bundy in the cattle-rustling case of confiscation of private property,

Resistance can be very effective by gathering to-gether of no more than six people at a time, getting to-gether in unison for a stated purpose of tactics and fight against the onslaught of government take-over,but no more than six in one group.

In the current on-going case, of Senator Harry Reid and his name-calling tactics, he heads up a well-heeled highly paid organization, the Us Senate, to battle against a loosly knit group of resistors in the Navada Ranch story.They effectively caused the property returned to the owner, because it was spontaneous individual resistance..They came and they went, and theres no formal entity for government resistance to attack.But because Harry Reid is so spoiled with his position of power, he thinks publicly denouncing by labeling participants, “Domestic Terroist”, he can prevent any future resistance to the Ranch take-over in favor of his son, who is a highly paid lobbyist for a Chinese take-over group of the land, according to news reports.

When in fact he has opened the door to defeat in November, taking the heat off the President, andpaving the way to get rid of elected Congressmen, who are in fact the power brokers passing the laws for transformation of America. .I never thought I would be blessing Harry Reid, however because he has opened the can of worms crawling everywhere now, which clearly reveals the game play and whos behind it, hes the poster boy for the revelation, of government intent. Which is destructive intent to transform America and do away with personal freedom and private property ownership.for incoming One World government. and the totalitarian re-placement with Socialism, fascist & communistic brands.

All the name-calling and blame previousy laid at the feet Of president Obama, who enforces the laws Congress makes, shifts the blame to the roots of power, which is congress, wher it belongs, and is they responsible for all the insidious acts which have led us down this slippery slope.

Even the head of the Republican … party, Speaker of the House Boehmer, has come out openly in opposition to the patriotic persons of the Tea Party. Therefore I for one bless Harry Reid for shifting the attention of the American,where it belongs and thats on the 535 members of Congress and the Senate in particular.’

Prior to Harry Reid stepping up and stepping in, despite what any polls say, in my opinion republicans headed for defeat in November. Now, if cards played right, a chance of defeating all those leftist Democrats and Rhinos in Congress. But no shoo-in, The people must pay attention to the reality of whats taking place and seize the opportunity to begin turning America back around to its Original Principles upon which it was founded.. Things wide open for a counter attack, launched by Harry Reid on the American people.

His blatant out-cry of admonition, calling patriotic Americans, “Domestic Terroist”, is the open door to understand precisely what is happening, and an opportunity for the people to reverse this country back from the brink of disaster..

All this letter writing campaign to congressmen, begging them to do something is for naught. Every-one knows you dont go to the Fox, to stop the destruction of the chickens.Pointless to try to impeach Obama. The center of the root of power bringing America down, lies in Congress, and Harry Reid is the most powerful member of Congress. Now he has provided the ticket to reverse. If not used, the 2016 presidential election is too late.We are in a now or never place in our history of America..
The answer to the problem, brought to the forefront by a few patriotic Americans, coming to the rescue of one lonely rancher in Navada, , and the mouthings of the most powerful Congressman in Washington. As I see it no less than Divine intervention.

To my readers I ask you to leave a comment, whether pro-or con on the comment section at the end of this article..or feel free to contact me personally. My e-mail at end of each article.. Just express yourself. either way you feel.




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