Never have I blessed Freedom of the Press and freedom of speech, as now with all the news coverage on the Bundy Ranch, Supporters and Harry Reid.

A story I1ve written before, worth repeating. It was Cora Tin Boone, living in squalor of Hitler Concentration camps, listening to complaints of other prisoners, about flith & flies, when she told them to bless the flies because, the filth& flies kept SS troops away from raping them.

When I first heard the news story about Harry Reid, leader of the Us Senate, calling western resistance to the governments confiscation of Rancher Bundies private property herd of cattle, “Domestic Terroist” I was incensed.

. My first thought was, he should be impeached. calming down and thinking more rationally, my current stance is blessing him, for setting himself up as the, poster spokesman,representing the position of political government. his venomus attitude, represent the contempt, many others in positions of political have towards the Principles of our original government and the people in general.

Never in recent times, has there been any-one in such a high position of power, risen up from the ranks,and so brazenly, spoken out in opposition to the In-alenable Right of the people, to stand up, speak out and take action against the onslaught of political government against the people.using armed malitia to confiscate private property.

Now,after the government has with-drawn their armed malitia, we are seeing pictures, of the in-humane acts of slaughered cattle, belonging to Rancher Clive Bundy. A sickening sight to behold, to realize this is happening in America,

Not heresay nor conjecture, but first hand reality of events taking place here in America. And for the first time in modern history, individuals by the hundreds from neighboring states, picking up arms and heading to the Nevada Ranch in support of the private property Rights of Rancher Bundy.. No reports of violence from the protestors, but reports and pictures of our government, using trained dogs, taser guns, and pointed rifles at law-abiding citizens, gathered in support of Rancher bundy.. Now openly labeled, “Domestic Terroist” by a ranking member of Congress.

This is not mean-spirited vicious rhetoric coming from the people, but enamanting from the mouth of a top, tax-paid congressional official.. Therefore its time, to pay attention to what Cora Tin Boone said in Hitler concentration camps, to bless Congressman Reid, because he so blantanly reveals, the real meaning about the position of Government versus the people.. Not a position coming from news media, nor the people, but right out of the mouth of a leading perpetrator, of the destruction of a former way of life, in a free country.
The happenings relative to the Rancher in Nevada, is not the beginning of the War of Ideas in America, nor is it the ending of it, but a representation, were smack in the middle of it. There is more to come.

A time to remind ourselves of the wisdom of the great militay stratigist Sun Tzu, saying; “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained, you will suffer a defeat. IF you know neither the enemy nor yourself you will succumb to every battle”

Never truer words spoken and never a more glaring example of the enemy with-in, we are now facing than inthe recent acts of government and the up-rising of the people in opposition.Coupled with the stance and words right out of the mouth of one elected to represent the people, now so glaringly in opposition to the people and the Constitutional lwas of this land..

Continued in Part Two

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