Then Sew a Charactor and reap a destiny. I was thinking about this title quote I read a long time ago after reading a report, reprinted from Charles Karauthammer’s appearance on a Fox News panel, where he appears regularly. He’s my favorite guest because he always speaks out with unusual wisdom.

Not many pundits, reporters, analyist, contributors, or whatever label they go by, speak up or out so straight-forward as Krauthammer does. Particularly those in the Washington DC area. Several years ago there was a great reporting journalist in the DC area, named Jack Anderson, whose motto was: “I don’t cover the news, I uncover it.”

Speaking out last week, Krauthammer was saying, “Democrats will rue the day they failed to even once oppose President Obama’s lawless disregard for the Constitutional separation of powers, noting his actions establish a precedent a Republican president will one day exploit.” The Fox News panel were discussing the Department of Justice’s sweeping new clemency push for thousands of non-violent drug offenders. The point was made that the Obama administration is sliding down a dangerous slippery slope.

There have been so many violations of the laws of the U.S. Constitution, which have been reported in the news repeatedly, no point in reiterating here. To be up-front and clear cut, its not only the Democrats who will rue the day, but the American people, who sit back apathetically, then march to the polls to keep all those destroying this country in power, Democrats and Republicans.

I’m not certain the next will be a Republican president. President is already this very day traveling around the globe to many foreign countries already acting like he’s a , “one world government ” President. I’m not convinced he plans on leaving office. US Sovereigny has already been compromised. And no one, not Congress , the courts, nor the people have slowed him down in his announced aim, “to transform America” President Obama obviously had plans for this country to , “reap the destiny from the out-set,” and no one has slowed him down, much less stopped him.

There’s a lot of name-calling, bitching and griping about him in Social media, Many intensely dislike what hes doing to this nation. In spite of all that, he remains quite likable, and those just bitching & griping will go to the polls and vote for him a third term if he sets it up and paves the way, which I strongly suspect he plans on doing, with a phone and a pen.

I don’t care what the pollsters or dissenters say, noone any place is doing anything in any way, shape, form nor fashion that’s slowing him down in the direction he’s taking this country. Talking the talk but not walking the walk and investigating. All the time, effort & money spent in investigations of the current regime, no one is accomplishing anything that turns the tide of the onslaught of socialism. Those at the helm of power just thumb their nose and keep on with their keeping on.

There are a few State Governors who have taken the bull by the horn in their respective states and turned things around economically speaking in their respective states, but their positive acts in their State have in no way changed the direction this nation is headed on a fast track, from a Federal stand-point.

Not one-hundred percent, but the majority of people in general, and those elected in particular act like they have been struck by a stun-gun, and have lost their stinger to effectively do anything to turn things around and back to the founding Principles in this country.

There is a minority, like Charles Krauthammer, who comprehend what’s happening, but no one is acting on a solution is the point I make, in my opinion. Political government is a con game of keeping one’s eye on one thing, while another hidden agenda is in the works. Today so much news & attention on Russia’s Ukraine. I don’t care what the Russians do in their Russia, it’s none of our business. Attention placed on what Putin is doing is an old con game. Americans should place their attention on what’s happening in this country, and keep our fingers & money out of the business of other countries. Why are tax-payers funding the screw-ups of others in other countries? Doesn’t make any sense, except for the fact that it’s to divert attention away from the game plan of those in Washington, to take over this country for their lust for power agenda.

No longer a hidden agenda, but obvious entrapment to destroy individual freedom, the free enterprise capitalistic system, and the principles which made this country a place that provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to Civilization.

Whats on your mind and whats in your wallet? Were about to reap a destiny!!!



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