On an on-going basis, it appears the Bundy Ranch story in Navada, involving armed government malitia attempts to confiscate, is not a lone Ranger story, because there are more and more news stories being reported about other lands and stories about possible connections.

Some come from Tea Party news reports I receive. I’m not a Tea Party member, but do read reports of their activities, which I receive on a regular basis. Some very disturbing stories are reported by the CEO of the Tea Party.

One very disturbing story is about an Army-built 300-acre, “Fake City” in Virginia, A complete city with a Sports Stadium, subway system, plus a school. An entire city modeled after any other city, one any ordinary citizen would find familiar, where family or friends might live, work or visit. But in essence an American, “MOCK CITY.”

Its used for training purposes to conduct life-like drills, under the pretense it’s “training for over-seas occupation missions,” but apparently not operated with any foreign language of any proposed use – everything is Americana. Everything is in English. Subway cars carry the same logo as those in DC, it’s reported.

Therefore if its purpose is reported as being for over-seas occupation missions, why is everything in English? It’s reported some believe it’s a city built for training purposes for a take-over of this country. This “bone-chilling operation, some think is a training city, for practice to take over American cities.”

And its preparation to carry out orders under Martial Law, as reported in the mill, to be initiated.

Following on the heels of the Navada Ranch stand-off with protesting supporters of Rancher Bundy, is the story out of Texas. According to news reports a very large track of Land in Texas, used for grazing cattle, is being threatened for take-over by the “Bureau of Land Management.” The same federal agency that’s behind the battle in Navada – referred to as “BLM.”

Texas Governor Rick Perry was on Television today talking about it. At the fore-front of the resistance is Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot. According to “Breithart Texas” the Federal government is considering taking the land which stretches 116 miles along the Red River; lands Texans have owned for decades..

Attorney general Abbout wrote a letter about the disputed land, saying; “I am deeply concerned about the notion that the Bureau of Land Management believes the federal government has the authority to swoop in and take land that has been owned and cultivated by Texas landowners for generations.”

Further Attorney General Abbot stated, “Iam about ready to go to Red river and raise a, ‘Come and take it flag’ to tell the feds to stay out of Texas.”

So what does all this mean? Does it mean President Obama’s campaign speeches saying he would “Transform America” mean a literal takeover by the Federal Government.. Are these attempts to accomplish that? If not why? Whats it all about?

I remind the reader it was the father of communism, when he had plans to take over the world for a one world government, said after taking over Europe: “the United States would not have to be attacked from outside because it would fall into the hands of One-worlders like over-ripe fruit.”

Thus far, the in-roads to that end have been accomplished without a shot being fired. And we are already far down the road to totalitarian socialism. And a take-over by our federal government, replacing the system of government set-up and left to us by our founding fathers.

Along with the reduction of our military and other unusual acts by the Federal government in recent times, it is looking more and more like the predictions of Lenin are coming to pass. Looking more and more like the sign of the times, is a destruction of America as we once knew it. And definitely appearing, the confrontation on the Bundy Ranch a couple of weeks ago, no isolated case of a dispute between one cattle rancher for ‘just one piece of the pie.’

If one stops and takes an objective look at a very real possible connection between these seemingly separate events, it’s a “Bad day at Blackrock’!!! And bone-chilling in my opinion.


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