There are two methods of dealing with medicine, health & healing. One is Homeopathatic and the other Allopathic. The basic phylosophy of Homeopathic is, “Like cures Like, And Allopathic practioners usually use drugs the knife or chemo for treatment..

I have used some of both. I had surgery for colon cancer two years ago, did not return to the doctor until a few days ago, and went on a metabolic ecology program of do it yourself. Believing like cures like is a universal law, and knowing cancer is a very toxic disease, I went on a regimen that includes taking laetril, which is a cyanide extracted from the Apricot seed..Its a toxic that attacks the toxicity of cancer.

I relate this story, because I can see the analogy in the recent confrontational battle at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. Because armed malitia , with loaded rifles, dogs and taser guns, descended upon the lonely desert cattle rancher, Others in surrouinding states came to his rescue with loaded guns and circled the wagons.

The armed government malitia did confiscate hundreds of heads of cattle, but because of the stand-off of gathered supporters , decided to return Rancher Bundys cattle with-out a shot being fired on either side.. Therefore as I view it, guns facing guns, stopping the confiscation of private property is a classic example of like cures like..

As the news story goes, armed malitia descended upon rancher bundy because he leases government land, and owes a bunch of money back fees.

As most of us know from high-school civics, when one owes money, the court system is used to hear both sides to decide who owes what if anything. However the federal government decided to by pass that constutional method of settling a claimed debt, and used a different method of confiscation and bullying.

So much news coverage has opened a huge can of worms crawling every where, and much more to the Bundy Ranch fiasco than originally revealed. The top politician in Congress has jumped into the fray yellping like a stuck pig, calling the
resistant supporters, “domestic terroist” on national television.

If news reports are correct, the armed malitia onslaught that killed a number of Rancher Bundys cattle, were called into action because , Harry Reid, has a son, a highly paid lobbyist working in conjunction with a Chinese group who want the land for reasons of their own, and because the Budget Land Management, headed by Reids son is in charge of the desert land, , court procedure was by-passed for a bullying armed gun take-over.Now daddy Reid, using his mouth to condemn and discredit the constitutioal Right of the protestors to smear and cloud the issue..

That old saying, “your sins will find you out” has come into play because, the truth of the game plan behind the onslaught on private surfacing bit by bit every day now..In a previous article, I presented my opinion, as to the whys and wherefore of the tactics & stratedgy of Senator Harry Reid.

On the one hand, he could be re-called or impeached for his devious trickery, on the other hand, he could be left in his position to be used by Republicans to defeat Democrats in the up-coming mid-term November election, to un-block the stranglehold this senate leader has on his fellow members, to advance his agenda in support of President Obama. Senator Reid is sorta like a modern day-water-carrying boy..

For example here in the state of Georgia, congressman Gingrich, a Republican vying for a seat in the senate in Novemper and in his election campaign ads, states he voted to repeal or change the Obamacare law over 40 times, and got no place because Harry Reid blocked his proposals in the senate.

From budget problems and other legislation we hear reports Harry Reid blocks, frequently by refusing to bring before the senate for discussion, arbitration and a vote, therefore any changes stymied by ranking member Reid.

From news reports he has obviously weilded a lot of power in congress, not in the best interest of the people, but for his own political reasons, and this latest ploy of labeling ordinary citizens exercising their constitutional Right, ” ,he labels to discredit in an attemp to prevent any other acts to block his agenda in favor of his sons game plan. But this maneuver could un-seat him and be his un-doing, , along with other Democrats up for re-election in November. Because his action are such a blantant mis-use of his power, in opposition to those that voted him into power.

A few are waking up to the reality of just how bad things are in, :”My Country tis of thee” and a few speaking out and taking a stance to stop the onslaught of political left wing, marxist type socialist from ramming their agenda down the throats of freedom loving Americans in these latter stages of take-over.

The resistance of the protesters gathered at the Bundy Ranch, armed to the hilt is the first time in my life time I have witnessed that same, “Root hog’ or die” mentality that won the Revolutionary war..And the same guts and mentality of admiral Fagerty, when he said, “damn the torpedos, full speed ahead..
Senator Reid is so accustomed to having his way, he under-estimated the American people.And in my opinion has a lot of un-mitigated gall to be calling ordinary patriotic, freedom loving people, “Domestic Terroist”. A lie out of the whole cloth!!




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