With reference to all the drama recently taking place when Us Government, sent armed guards to Cattle Ranch of Cliven Bundy in the Nevada Desert, the news coverage has subsided.. But it aint over til the fat lady sings., The return of the cattle that survived the confiscation by armed malitia, was not the end, but the beginning of more to come.

From experts more knowledgable than I, reports this is just a lull, before the next governmental take over of the large Cattle Ranch to pave the way for some Chinese Panelist Company, Reports , Son of Harry Reid, Us Senator, the paid lobbyist at the center of the negoiations. Apparently never about Turtles as first reported. Those desert creatures that crawl. Rather more about highly paid humans crawling around and working, to confiscate cattle and the land in Nevada.

Just yesterday, a new report with graphic pictures, of the dead half buried cattle belonging to Rancher Bundy un-covered since the raid. Horrific, photographs of the slaughered cattle during the raid.I cringed as I viewed the photographs and thought this is not Syria, but America, and so appalling going on in my country,a former land of the free.’

I havent heard one peep out of the many animal Rights activist inthis country, expressing any objection, and no out-cry of the brutal slaughter of the private property belonging to the Nevada rancher. Why the silence when frequently theres an outcry if a little dog is slaughtered.

According to reports I!m reading, this lull in news coverage of the Western ranch cattle revolt, is a period when the Us government powers at be are re-grouping, plotting and planning for the next move, to oust the cattle ranger, to take over the land for the chinese group who want the land.

The projection is legal means will start the next wave of actions to confiscate the ranch and oust Ranger Bundy, family & cattle,.. With more to come, viewing the slaughtered half buried cattle, quite sickening, At a time, were experiencing the recent hike in price of beef, our government slaughtering caltle left half buried in the desert. Not only that but a flagrant display of violation of property Rights. A core tenent foundation of our founding fathers in the formation of this nation after the Revolutionary war..

No-one can destroy our in-alienable Property Rights, but can and do arbitrarily destroy private property, which violated those core property Ownership Rights. Destruction of arbitrary acts destroying private property, in no way changes nor alters Our Rights, but manisfestation of attempts to do so.. In violation of the laws of the US Constution which is the document of laws which supposed to guarantee the protection of those Rights.. No one can destroy our Rights any more than one can destroy the law of gravity, but can violate it, with consequences.

The recent acts of armed malitia descending on a lone cattle Rancher , confiscating and destroying his private property with-out any, “due process” is the most glaring example of transformation of America, we have witnessed to-date. a deadly serious act, hatched in the seat of political government in Washington, by elected, whose job is to protect this nation from Foreign and Domestic enemies. Instead have become the perpetrators of violations of Property Rights.

The question must be asked, “are we already under the foot-hold of the One-world government, take-over and just not recognizing nor admitting it” If not the action of armed malitia at the desert ranch, represents a different government, from that which our founding fathers carved out and left for us to enjoy in freedom.

If the recent events on the Navada Ranch is not a glaring example to wake Americans up and out of their apathy, whats it going to take.? Are we so addicted to entitlement programs & food stamps, are we afraid to stand up, speak out and oppose, the take-over. Obviously some are willing to take a stand as evidenced by the number gathered in support of the Ranchers Rights, But now referred to as, ‘ Domestic terroist” by the ranking member in Congress.. If this is not the most glaring example of We the people versus the power of political government, whats it going to take to convince the American people?

Theres one thing for sure.all the efforts government puts forth to dis arm the people aint working, because those supporting Rancher Bundy, arrived in support carrying their guns,and no humans lost their lives during the stand-off and only cattle killed..

I wonder if lonely desert turtles were hiding under rock looking on, thinking , “is all this for me”?We the people not lonely helpless turtles, but thinking smart American men & women, capable of comprehending whats taking place with the ability to stop it. There are 300 million plus citizens in this country, being trampled over by 535 congressmen & one President.. What fools we mortals be to sanction this kind of assault trampling on all thats good and moral in this mation. Obviously the enemy of Freedom and property Rights,.
Again I repeat what Sun Tzu said, ” If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained , you will suffer defeat.. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb to every battle .

Those protesters who gathered in support of the Rancher, won the first round in this battle,I hope they understand the words of the great military strategist Sun Tzu.



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