It was during his campaign speeches that President Obama made reference to Americans clinging to their Guns and Religion.. That’s not the only thing they cling too, as evidenced by recent news event; they not only cling to their guns and religion, they stand up & fight back when it comes to Cattle and Land ownership.

Another thing President Obama said in reference to his VP, “no one messes with Joe.”

Now the government is messing with Texas over attempts at land grabbing along the Red River. It appears the government has increasing issues at cross ends with the American people, particularly in the area of  “property Rights.” No stone is left un-turned when it comes to issues of fundamental Principles as set forth in The Constitution.

Not the least of which is the private property Rights of their own bodies when it comes to health care. Whether it’s property rights of one’s land , cattle, or individual bodies, attempts to invade and take over control of these areas become attacks of an enemy, by a political government originally formed to “protect” this nation and citizenry from foreign & domestic enemies.

The tactics and strategies used to take control by the government are nothing new -same-o-same-o used thru-out history. However the extent of the take-over push is quite new to many Americans. For example, the propaganda used to discredit, to destroy, the reputation or credibility of ordinary citizens who stand up and resist.

Never more glaringly apparent, than the onslaught of un-complimentary language, like calling protesters, “Domestic Terrorists”, as advertised by Senate majority Harry Reid on national television.

Following on the heels of that, when Navada Cattle Rancher Cliven Bundy spoke up with an opinion on race issues, he is now labeled a racist by the left-wing free press, having a picnic, picking his bones apart, after killing some of his privately owned cattle.

It was not a very smart thing to do for Rancher Bundy, to voice his opinion about race in the heat of his battle with the government, however, he definitely does not come across as a racist and still has his Freedom of Speech. Despite the fact he does not come across with the most sophisticated manner of expressing his opinions, probably never stopped to dissect, the anatomy of negativity sells news and TV ads. Therefore , it became big news, feigned and faked to promote news casting, by attacking him, and calling him a racist.

Its just part of the modus operandi of political government tactics & strategies, when they decide to take private property, to use the left-wing press to promote their position, in any way, shape, form or fashion, by personal attacks on anyone who resist, their power play. And Rancher Bundy simply provided food for fodder to promote government tactics, to attack him, when he already has a full plate of resistance to the armed malitia invasion of the navada Rancher. He made a mistake at a time he is quite vulnerable for redicule.

Definitely a lesson, for any others who follow resistance like Rancher Bundy, when involved in dispute with government land take-over, to refrain from mentioning anything about Race, pro or con, because left-wing sympathizers of any kind of governmental intrusion into private property love to insert race issues into the dispute. The situation does not in any way shape, form nor fashion, reduce Rancher Bundy’s property Rights, But simply serves to discredit and propagandize him personally, on the heels of Senator Reid labeling his supporters, “Domestic Terrorists.”

I have written previous articles, pointing out how the language has been used for Socialist promotion to, “transform America” without a shot being fired, using words for propaganda for a, “one World Government” transformation. Using name calling like domestic terrorist and racist, to label patriotic, freedom loving average Americans, is simply a continuation of the same tactics, which have already brought us to the brink of disaster.

The take-over of America is not rocket science. I just find it difficult to comprehend why the average American doesn’t understand the strategy and tactics of using words of propaganda, to accomplish the transformation taking place in broad daylight before our very eyes & ears. Very effective tactics & strategies – a child can understand.

News reports are that German Chancellor Merkle will visit the White House this Friday. The lesson of how Hitler took over that country step by step, while ordinary citizens ignored, until it was too late; when he rounded up citizens for concentration camps, after he rounded them up in armed guards trucks taking to the polls at gun-point to vote for him, before the final take-over. Why are we not heeding the lessons from history of down-fall of other countries?

Colonel Jeff Cooper said: “An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it.”

And being armed applies to being informed about the reality of that which is taking place as well as Rifles.

Let Freedom Ring

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