In this mid-term election year, focus already on primaries and general election in November, just seven months away.At this period of time in our history, it is obvious, we do not have leaders at the helm, leading this country in the direction according to the Principles of our founding fathers, and the intent of the laws they out-lined and set forth to guide those at the helm of political government.

In my opinion, as I see it we have several types of individuals vying for positions to rule,And several types of voter mentality, going to the polls. We have the two main political parties, Democrat & Republican, separate in some areas and over-lapping in others. Basically not much difference in the two, however according to reputation, Democrats want more political government intervention and control, and Republicans want less.

Currently on the horizen,for the 2016 Presidential election, theres Governor Christie of New Jersey and former Governor Jeb Bush of Florida as the two being primed for the candidacy of mainstream Republicans. Then theres others vying for the top Republican spot on the Republican party fringe. They are currently Rand Paul, Senator . and Senator Ted Cruz, , Tea Party type hopefuls along with several others, like Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee, Scott Walker, Rick Perry & Sara Palin.
Intentionally or un-intentionally, Hopefuls to be the Republican nominee for Presidency, seems to be divided into two groups, those, aligned more closely to the Republican party line and those more aligned with the tenets of the Tea Party.

Some labeled as RINO!S, which means republican in name only, with an underlying leaning towards Democratic phylosophy of politics. Its all a bit fuzzy and nothing very clear cut. Because the tempo of the American people so fickle and diverse,No-one really knows whos horseback and whos afoot at this stage of the political game.

Those in the polling industry report one thing to-day and a different thing to-morrow. Thats because currently the tempo of the American people are like a ship with-out a rudder.The leadership thats in power, working 24-7 to take this country in a direction quite different from the Principles and laws upon which it was founded and thrived on once in our history.

I for one, definitely do not believe any-one who has been a member of Congress is qualified to lead this nation out of the ditch.Simply because they are too much part of the problem. Whereas one who has served as Governor, has some experience in executive leadership ability via virtue of the fact they have in their port-folio executive experience.and have managed theaffairs of a State as Governor..
On the other hand, there are plenty of smart business-men in this country, who have successfully operated a business, qualified to be President of the United States,with the know-how to lead this nation out of the ditch we are in.I dont know his name but know hes out there among us..

On the other hand, I think Republicans should support Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nominee, because she would be the easiest to defeat, she has so much baggage.

And secondly, its my opinion in the last two presidential elections, its the Democrats who have decided who the Republican candidate would be, ie the esiest to defeat, and promoted them as the Republican candidate from the the out-set.

Entering into politics, is charging into battle, to win a seat of leadership and defeat all the others. And one must understand the enemy to win the battle. In this connection, we are currently in a , “hemmed-in” situation, from all sides,as the basic tenets of Socialism, promoted and practised, in opposition to individual Freedom, and the free-enterprise capitolistic system, this nation was founded upon. The enemy of the principles upon which this nation was founded is no longer at the gates, but now inside.

The person among us to rise up out of the crowd to lead this country back to its original intent, must be one who understands the basic stategies of the battle plan, used by great military stratedgist to win wars..Never has one faced such a daunting task since the Revolutionary war..When one is in a desperate situation, one must fight, and this country is in a desperate situation, no question about it. The usual pandering and placating methodology of politics, wont work this go-round to turn this nation around.

In order to lead us out of the messy ditch were in, it must be a man of high moral intregrity with a clear cut vision of returning this country back to its original intent, and a clear understanding of what it will take to accomplish that goal.

Once that person steps up to the plate out of the crowd and conveys his clear cut intentions to the American people, he will gain support, There will be a lot of back-pedaling and gnashing of teeth from resistant proponets at the trough of socialism,

At this moment the current president is on Tv, making a speech about what the UKraine must do to step up to the plate to regain Soverignity, When we need a leader, whose focus on what can & must be done in this country., to regain a life-style we once enjoyed, before the Socialist thinkers took over, and mired us down in the tenets of Fascist and communistic socialism..

The leader who rises up to lead this country out of the absymal medicrocity of socialism, must be clear cut about three things- first the original plan for this country, secondly where we are to-day and thirdly, a plan to lead us out of it and back to the original Principles of our founding fathers, who had a, “root hog or die” mentality to accomplish the defeat of British rule..

The great military stratedgist Sun TZu said this; ” To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence: Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy!s resistance with-out fighting.”

Keep in mind the deplorable conditions we are mired down in to-day, were accomplished with-out a shot being fired.


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