Following trends and signs of the times, is quite interesting. An article I wrote back in 2008, prompting an unusual amount of comments. The title of the article: “Alone, Admiral Byrd, in the South Pole.” I can only surmise, because of the tremendous interest in the Malyasian air-craft, has prompted renewed interest in the South Pole and Admiral Byrd.

I began article 62 quoting Admiral Byrd, who was separated from his party in the South Pole, became quite ill, and wrote about his experiences, saying, “The day was dying, the night being born, but with great peace. Here were the imponderable processes, and focus of the cosmos, harmonious and soundless. Harmony, that was it!! That was what came out of the silence, a gentle rhythm, the strain of a perfect chord, the music of the spheres, perhaps.”

“It was enough to catch that rhythm, momentarily, to be myself a part of it. In that instant I could feel no doubt of man’s oneness with the universe. The conviction came that that rhythm was too orderly, too harmonious, too perfect, to be a product of blind chance, that therefore, there must be purpose in the whole and that man was part of that whole, and not some accidental offshoot. It was a feeling that transcended reason, that went to the heart of man’s despair and found it groundless. The Universe was a cosmos, not a chaos. Man was as rightfully a part of that cosmos as were day and night.”

These great words of wisdom, written by a man not sure if he would make it out alive, are inspirational for all of us, at a time of grieving, for all those families of the missing Malaysian air-craft. And quite interesting so many have been led to re-check and re-read this posted article on my web-site, written six years ago.

I have received thousands of comments from around the world and currently have over 20,000 yet to be moderated, and this particular article, along with a more recent article, about being taboo to talk about Freedom, has prompted more interest than any other articles. And to date have 1024 articles posted on my web-site. And one can still read issue 62, still posted on my web-site.

Because I believe everyone was born to be Free, the underlying theme of most of my writings is “The Phylosophy of Freedom.” Despite the fact I do not usually write about any particular religion per se, I believe most of us want to know this, “Where did I come from, why am I here and where am I going?”

In this connection, some readers have asked me to write more, on the words of wisdom by Admiral Byrd. However, there’s nothing I could say or add to his words of wisdom. Spoken from his experience, alone at the South Pole. In my opinion, his words inform us, despite the fact we live in an imperfect world, we are all part of a perfect Divine plan in the Universe.

In times of great tragedy in our personal lives, we can find hope and peace, reading words of wisdom such as Admiral Byrd wrote. Which have been inspirational for me, since I first read them many years ago. And so pleased, six years since I first wrote the article, others still finding it helpful and inspirational, coping with the current international tragedy of the Malaysian aircraft, carrying over 200 passengers.

If you are a new-comer, or one of my regular readers, article 62 still posted on my web-site for anyone to copy and read, and feel free to comment, or contact me at

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