There seems to be something inherent in our nature, that desires a leader. Whether a nation, Boy Scout group, Church, School, or Family, all seem to function better when headed by a good leader. On the other hand, in the absence of a good leader, problems exist in direct propotion to the degree of proper ethical leadership.

I once worked in a movie called “The Last Voyage” with George Sanders and Robert Stack, filmed aboard the luxury liner Ille De France. The theme of the movie was to present with some accuracy, the inept ability of a ship’s captain, to act responsibly when a life-threatening problem arose, relative to all the passengers. Turned out to be a nail-biting movie, as a result of actually setting the ship on fire and sinking the ship, portraying the panic of the passengers and the inability of the Captain, to rationally handle the disaster. Being there involved in the entire making of the film, was a very enlightening experience for me.

Here we are, in the year 2014, living in this wonderful America, reminding me very much like that distressed luxury liner, facing problems coming from many different directions, without a leader competent to cope with all the problems we face.

The problems we face, whether economic, education, safety, health, foreign or domestic, no solutions to problem solving seem forthcoming, and as a result we go from bad to worse. Like a ship without a rudder nor a captain to steer in the right direction.

It’s a long time before next Presidential election, however in a few months, mid-term elections for selecting members of Congress. Amidst campaign rhetoric for the mid-term election, already a lot of talk about next president, and a number of hopefuls already trying for traction to be the next Candidate.

In the last election, we the people re-elected a Candidate who had no experience in business operations, no military experience, no Foreign Relations experience, but a Harvard lawyer, whose main background was as a Community organizer. Despite the fact he a lawyer, ignores the Constitution, and rules by executive order with backing of Congress.

Surely, there’s any number of smart successful businesmen qualified to be the leader of this country. However all we’re hearing is hype and rhetoric, to re-cycle another candidate, whose background does not qualify to be President of the United States, now serving politicians or ex-politicians.

Instead of considering a candidate for Leader whose background qualifies him to be President, we are already spending time listening to a number of nilly-willy hopefuls, with no meaningful background of leadership in their resume.

If there’s anything which prepares one to lead this nation, it’s one who has successfully served a term as governor, or spent their time operating a successful business, preferably one who has done both. Not anyone whose life has been spent living off the fat of the land, ie, tax-payer monies. We need a leader who has walked the walk, not one who just talks the talk, with a background of living off tax-payer monies.

There are some in our midst who have successfully held positions as governor and understand the free-enterprise-capitalistic system, with moral Principles to lead this nation out of the ditch we’re in, like Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Mile Huckebee of Arkansaw, who believe in following the Constitution of the United States.

Our current dilemma is not because there’s a shortage of decent, smart and moral men, capable of leadership, to right the ship and lead back on the right track, the problem lies within we the people, buying into the lies of hopefuls, whose backgrounds and accomplishments do not qualify them as leader of this nation.

Listening to one mouth off about, “libertarianism” does not mean they understand Freedom. Holding a political office, does not mean they understand the basics of the Free-enterprising capitalistic system. Holding a law degree is no guarantee they will follow the US Constitution. Growing up with a politically elected parent, does not mean they understand “Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness” of the individual.

If the 535 elected to Congress were decent, moral, law-abiding citizens, who followed the tenets of the Declaration of Independence and the laws of the Constitution, and believed in the free-enterprising, capitalistic system of economics, we would not be in this state of bondage, far down the road to a One-world government, in defiance of individual freedom.

The fact anyone is a part of that group of 535 individuals, who have been the main force which has led this country to the brink of disaster we face today, disqualifies any one of them, to be president of the United States, despite anything they say to the contrary.

The Depths of Socialism we’re mired to the gills in, did not just happen, it was caused, by those elected to seats of power who have voted us in this condition of bondage. We need a modern-day Will Rogers, who would probably say, “throw the bums out!!”

If we think we can elect men of good high moral character, to be a part of those 535 elected, old time, long term elected politicians, well heeled in the ropes of dismantling this once great nation, think again. Once there, the newly elected fall in line with the ruling majority. This is not opinion nor conjecture, it’s the way it is, out-pictured in the shameful conditions perpetrated upon the 300 million citizenry of this nation.

We are informed daily about unemployment, increased numbers on food-stamps, section eight housing, disability checks, and all kinds of entitlement programs on the backs of producers in this country, we must face the fact it has been the 535 members of Congress which have caused these conditions.

There are over 300 million Citizens in this country, and yet the news is dominated by bragging about 6 million now covered by Obamacare, as if the other 300 million are exempt from health care. The absurdity of the lies we the people have bought into defies rationale.

As we listen to news about dismantling of the military, talk about martial law, scarcity of ammunition for guns, more laws, rules, regulations and edicts passed to further enslave, as a set up for a one World government, no one is doing anything effectively to change the direction we’re going, and the centralized power for all that’s taking place lies in the halls of those 535 elected congressmen. One man in the White House could not accomplish this feat without those 535 in Congress backing him.

Wake up America!!

Just me AC


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