Living in a country with a Constitution of laws, developed and handed down to us by honorable, freedom loving men, touted as the best system of governing ever devised by man, the question before us is why have we defied it and screwed it up?

Why have we gone to the polls and elected men and women in seats of the centralized system, who have ignored the laws of the Constitution, and replaced with a different system of Fascist-Communism Socialism?

This nation was built upon Biblical Christian Principles, and today so far removed from those basic tenets, we’re living in a different world under a different system, under rulers who daily act contrary to those Principles. Why do we allow it?

Now a country so deep in unsustainable debt, it’s staggering. The capitalistic, free-enterprise system, so burdened down with so many political government mandated rules and regulations, and heavy duty taxes, more businesses folding and going out of business than staying in.

The next generation, growing up in a tax supported, government run school system of pure socialism, have become killing fields of indoctrination and not education.

Daily reports of abuse of children, by the school system, Department of Dcfs, and criminals roaming the streets looking for victims to kidnap, while the court system frequently returns children back to families who have records of child abuse.

Now over 30,000 young men and women sent by our government to the outlaw regime in Afganistan, returning in flag-draped coffins, and those alive missing limbs, unable to obtain medical help from the Veterans Administration.

News reports of billions of tax money and airplanes handed over to Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and just last week a billion dollars handed over to a Russian country, Ukraine.

Millions unemployed, as more and more climb on the food-stamp program, plus millions bemoaning the fact their health insurance cancelled.

In Congress, much time and money spent on concern, help and money for the millions of illegals in this country.Trying to pass amnesty legislation to give then citizenship. Failure of this government to secure the borders to protect from foreign enemies, criminals and drug dealers, crawling over fences, and through underground tunnels to invade this nation.

The drive for citizenship is for political purposes of votes, because it’s a matter of record, the majority vote Democratic, for government handouts of free-housing, free food, free schooling and all the perks the Democrats stand for to sign illegals up to assure their power to continue the destruction of a former way of life in this country. Now most Republicans pushing for the insanity of amnesty of illegals. Under the illusion they might switch loyalty over to Republicans.

The illegals flooding this country are people who have so screwed up their native country, now flocking here to contribute to the ruin and downfall of this country. They lie, steal, rob, rape and killl, upon arrival.

Where are all the organized Christian groups and churches that used to speak up and stand up for the principles this nation was founded upon? Now-a-days deafening silence, rarely hear a peep out of them.

We are now living under a system of centralized government, draining and restricting productivity, forcing money to send to other countries, government agencies, spying, lying and promoting fear among the people, dismantling the military, whose job is to protect from foreign invaders, now so injured, sick and disabled, spread out over the world in foreign countries, while there’s talk of martial law here in the pipeline, preparing to enforce.

Who is doing anything to reverse the direction of devastation of this once great Nation? Aside from the Tea party involved in a letter writing campaign to those in Washington, who are the architects of this downfall of America the Beautiful. Now they are under attack by the regime in power, which was predictable from the outset of the organized Tea party.

This nation is under attack from every direction. Without a shot being fired, this once great and powerful productive country, the envy of the world, is in shambles. While we keep doing the same things that brought us to this brink of bondage, and no one doing anything effectively to change the direction. Only a few speaking up and speaking out.

This nation was created as the result of a few straggly untrained farmers, who valued Freedom, and pledged their lives and fortunes, took up arms and fought off a well trained British army and won. With a “Root, Hog, or die” determination to be free. Then handed down a legacy of Freedom for incoming generations, and we have squandered it.

Unless that burning desire for Freedom is re-kindled in the hearts and minds of the 300 million plus in this country, we will again return to living under bondage, and on a fast track headed there today. Nothing is going to change unless there’s a re-birth for the desire to be free. This is not conjecture, nor descriptive of what might happen, it has already happened and were in the last stages of the take-over of this country by a few, hungry-mad, lusting for power politicians in seats of power.

No matter one’s self-imposed labels, whether Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Mexican or Fools, the bottom line is we have surrendered personal freedom, living under a free-enterprise system, to a small group of One Worlders, set out with a well organized plan, to destroy a way of life, under a Constitution of laws, no longer adhered to, and replaced by a different time worn system, history reveals, always winds up in enslavement.

This erroneous notion, held by some, in the 2016 elections, conditions can be changed, is unrealistic because by then it will be too late.

Rumor has it, a 300 acre mock city is set up in Virginia, where the final take-over via martial law, is being practised. I don’t know personally, I read about it. If true, very disturbing news.

This year 2014, is a year of mid-term elections in November and already, new and same-o hopefuls pitching political rhetoric, for a seat in power. Change will only come from the hearts and minds of individuals in this country, who have a burning desire for freedom, and a return to a life living in Freedom we once had. Nothing short of that will change the direction we’re headed. Freedom is no half-way measure. It’s a total concept and you are Free or living in bondage.There is no in-between.

Two great books to read for understanding of Freedom, is Rose Wilder Lane’s “Discovery of Freedom” and Harry Browne’s book titled “How I Found Freedom in an Un-free World.”

A reminder we have been at war for several years – a “war of ideas” and losing. Tactics and strategies for winning in a book titled “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, who said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb to every battle.”

Let Freedom Ring


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  1. I have read both “Discovery of Freedom” and “How I Found Freedom in an Un-free World.” Great books that I recommend to everyone who hasn’t read them. (But I especially loved “Discovery of Freedom”!)