We, as a civilized people, have three important documents, as guides to live by. The Ten Commandments, which state God’s Laws. The Declaration of Independence, the most nearly perfect document ever created by man, and the US Constitution, a document of man-made laws.

All three of these documents deal with Individual Rights and responsibilities, Freedom, effects of violations, and Property.

The first Ten Amendments known as “The Bill of Rights,” specifically outlines Rights of the people, and the ninth amendment “is a reservation of the Rights of the People” and the tenth amendment states, “Powers reserved to States or the People.” This document of laws outlines the role of the Federal Government, specifies the Rights of the people, then outlines the role of States’ Rights. It’s a document which separates power.

The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution are the bedrock foundation of the Principles upon which this nation was founded originally. Specific governing laws of guides to live by and live under.

As specific as these documents state, we are today living in an era, those in seats of political power have either ignored or so violated, and twisted to suit their scheme of things, the dynamics of their interpretation misrepresents, to such an extent, we are no longer, “a land of the Free.” Instead, a nation subjected to the whims and dictates of a few claiming power in a centralized seat of government in Washington DC.

We still have the same “Rights,” however a political power has acted to restrict those Rights by the tyranny of their rule, we are today living under the umbrella of so many rules, regulations, edicts and restrictions, we are living in a different world, a far cry from the original intent of a system of governing.

The question is, What can we do about it, and secondly what are we doing about it? The answer is, not much of anything, to effectively change the direction of change-over from our original system to an entirely different one of Socialism.

This week, State governors and political hopefuls meeting in a gathering called “Conservative Political Action Committee” or CPAC. A lot of hyped-up speeches from a number of participants. For example, Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky, released a statement saying “The fight for Liberty continues to stand up and say, we’re free and no one, no matter how well intentioned, will take our freedoms from us.”

Right off the bat, there’s a politician perpetrating the “big lie,” wanting to be President. No Mr. Paul, we are not Free, and our Freedoms have already been taken away by deliberate intentions of a Congress and a President now in power, running herd over the people with enslaving tactics, laws rules, edicts and regulations, already perpetrated on the people.

Is Mr. Paul living in a fantasy of make-believe, unable or unwilling to face the reality of that which has already taken place? To stand before the American people and say “We’re free, and no matter how well-intentioned will take our Freedoms from us,” is the height of propaganda, because our Freedoms have already been curtailed, up-staged, violated, and run herd over, by those in Congress and executive branch. Anyone who believes this has not already happened is in la-la land and a state of unreality.

How can we ever expect to regain the Freedom given to us by our Creator, and guaranteed by the laws of the Constitution, if those who participated in the process stand up and preach a lie, with a pitch, as if none of the violations have not already occured?

The politicians in Washington, have already screwed the American people out of the Precious Freedoms, given by God, and guaranteed under the Constitution, now have the unmitigated gall to stand before us and declare a lie such as Senator Rand Paul spoke.

I want to say, like Macbeth, “out dammed Spot,” and let’s throw the entire bunch of politicians out of office, and take back that which rightfully belongs to We the people. And this can only be done by facing the reality of all that has already taken place. We are not a dumb people, we already know this, we’re just still hung up on the erroneous idea those who brought us to this brink of disaster, will somehow, with a magic trick, reverse their stance. No, no, no, those in power in Washington, are so seduced by their power, they’re not voluntarily letting go of it.

Their bottom line is, getting into power and staying in power. That’s their priority, not the well-being of you and I by obedience to those three great documents.There are still a few good men in the limelight whose background and reputation qualify them for election to offices in Washington. Like Scott Walker and Mike Huckabee.Their past records speaks to who they are, not what anyone says.

There is a bit of good news. This past week the State of Georgia general assembly voted for a Convention to Amend the Constitution, to curtail the power of the federal government.This can be done if three-fourths of the states vote to do this. Individual States are already mandated to balance their budgets and this Convention is about imposing fiscal restraints on the Federal Government. I’ll be writing more on this move as events unfold.

The father of Communisum, German philosopher Karl Marx said the theory of Socialist Communism can be summed up in three words, “Abolish private Property.”

Let Freedom Ring
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