It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything about Health. A subject similar to one’s political views, requires self-responsibility, self-examination, and some common sense approach.

I grew up with a mother, like a mantra saying, “Be your own doctor, own counselor, own preacher and own banker.” Good advice, however I do listen to those smarter than me, and take into consideration their advice and information in any of these areas, when confronted with decisions relative to my life and well-being.

Despite the fact I mostly doctor myself, I don’t hesitate to see a doctor when necessary to do so. And thankful to have access to doctors and medical facilities when needed, which is rarely. I have spent my life pretty much involved in areas of natural healing.

I’ve been going to chiropractors since I was a teenager, and yesterday went for an adjustment. I noticed my eyesight was not as clear as usual. My chiro examined my structural alignment to discover my TMJ (temporal mandibular jaw) was out of alignment. An adjustment of my atlas-axis immediately helped.

I discovered a long time ago, when structurally out of alignment, any thing I did to feel better was only temporary until I had the structural misalignment corrected. Finding a good one now-a-days requires some searching.

I spent a number of years as a reflexologist and counseling cancer patients on a nutritional program called Metabolic Ecology. Which is a program designed to assist one in balancing their body chemistry, nutritionally. Which includes among other areas, your eating habits and a supplemental program, because the food supply is so tampered with, we don’t get all the nutrients our bodies need, usually. Therefore, a program of vitamin and mineral supplements is necessary to balance our body chemistry.

This requires some understanding of one’s individual metabolic type to know which supplements are best suited to balance one’s body chemistry. That is an understanding of one’s autonomic nervous system, to determine if one is a sympathetic dominant or parasympathetic type.

I discovered early on, there are two types of viewing health problems, one is Homeopathic and the other Allopathic. And whichever the type of doctor one sees, depends upon the treatment reccommended. The basic difference in philosophy is, one says “Like cures like” and the other uses drugs for cure.

I grew up healthy, never had a broken bone, and never had an operation aside from tonsil removal until I was eighty years old. Then I encountered some health problems from time to time, I deal with, after a couple operations. I’ve recovered and pretty much doctor myself, using a lot of vitamins and minerals, to stay vertical and take care of myself.

From reports I read, the average person after sixty takes eight different prescription drugs. I only take one for thyroid. I don’t even take aspirins, but a lot of nutritional supplements. There are no magic bullets to maintain health, just some common sense, for the most part.

About five years ago discovered I had cancer, and just over a year ago, had surgery to remove a mass in the colon. I had an outstanding surgeon, and breezed through the operation with no complications. However, a few months afterwards I lost my appetite, along with rapid weight lost and dehydrated and had to return to hospital for the dehydration problem, but haven’t seen my doctor since.

Don’t believe cancer can be cut out, and believe it’s rooted in every drop of blood in the body, therefore I follow a self-imposed regimen, to deal with that problem. I’m able to live a life taking care of myself thus far and I will be ninety years old on my next birthday shortly. I’m not as energetic as I once was, and tend to sleep more than usual. However I wake up early most every day and write my web-site articles. I credit my supplemental program and regular chiropractic visits, for doing quite well, most of the time.

Believing there’s only one thing actually that heals us and that’s a Divine Presence, when we apply universal laws of healing, ie, providing the body that which it requires to sustain health.
I don’t wish to be misunderstood, when necessary in a crisis, one needs a medical doctor, however when it comes to ordinary day to day living, we are individually responsible for our well-being, taking care of ourselves.

At this juncture in our lives, so much confusion and governmental intervention into our health, medical and insurance, greater importance on ways and means of taking care of ourselves. I’m not a doctor, but pretty much doctor myself, to maintain and sustain, staying healthy enough to live my life as I choose, on my terms of the self-responsibility of freedom.

In this connection I feel Divinely blessed, to be able to take care of myself, thus far, by following a few simple rules I learned from my parents. Plus reading a lot of books on ways and means to sustain health. In this age of information, plenty of material available for anyone to read and siphon through to determine for yourself the best route to take to maintain health.

The years I spent counseling on a nutritional program for cancer patients, I recall one of the first questions asked was “How much does it cost?” and my stock answer was, “Not nearly as much as a good funeral.” Some followed the regimen and recovered and some did not.The difference being, taking responsibility for one’s own health problems, or expecting someone else to. Healing and health is non-transferrable to someone else.

In this regard, one needs to seek information about health and healing, in order to apply that which is the proper application, for themselves, individually.



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