The first thing I did this morning was read a web-site posting about diamonds. A detailed story about mining and marketing in South Africa. How the price is controlled and overpriced. Hype about the overrated value of diamonds and misleading information about diamonds being a good investment.

It was Voltaire who said, “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.”

Checking further this morning, a story about the President of the United States ruling the country by executive order.Then another item about the price of gasoline, and how it is managed by a small group who control prices. Another news item about the public school corruption trial here in Georgia, in Dekalb County. A notice that Mexico is rejecting genetically modified sale of corn.

Then read a most interesting story about Cauddel on Fox news, reporting congressional republicans are supporting IRS attacks on the Tea Party movement.

Just a few of the current news items relative to all that’s taking place in this country.The common denominator is doles and controls of the resources of producers in this country, by the lusting of a few power seekers, in charge of doling and controlling, in defiance of the principles of the free-enterprising capitalistic system this nation was founded upon.

How did we reach this hellish state of affairs in this country? We the people did not listen nor heed. Why are we concerned about price of diamonds, when a loaf of bread is loaded with fabricated costs? Why did we not listen to President Obama, when before elected for the first term he told us his plans to transform America? Why did we allow one congressman to piggyback a bill through Congress, approving of genetically modification of food supply?

And why are thousands contributing milions to the Tea Party, for letters to congressmen, who have openly criticized them, and if reports are true, now in bed with the opposition to those ideas the Tea Party stands for?

I do not belong to the Tea Party, but receive reports of their stance, beliefs and proposals. They are quite informed relative to what’s wrong in this country, it’s their solution which is out in left field. Everyone knows you don’t go to the fox to try to save the chickens. However the Tea Party directs their time, effort, attention and money to the very ones who brought us to this brink of disaster, ie, the Congress.

When I first heard of the formation of the Tea Party, I wrote an article, still posted on my web-site, about the absence of Wisdom, in the manner of Organizing for resistance on the road to bondage. When you formally organize, you will be attacked, I pointed out. However, individual action, or very small groups, of less than six in number, getting together can be effective.

One can take a lesson from the Communist-Fascist thinkers and power brokers behind the takeover and dismantling of this country. Their modus operandi effectively meets secretly in very small groups, used to be called “cells.” Read the book “Witness” by Whitaker Chambers. A very graphic description of their modus operandi, from one who was a Communist.

In my opinion, for the most part, the Tea Partiers are good and decent people, who wish to restore this nation back to it’s founding principles. However can’t do that by ignoring the news that most Republicans are in Congress, in bed with Democrats. They have openly tried to distance themselves from the Tea Party, now this latest bombshell news, if true, they support IRS attacks on Tea Party members, is the coup de grace.

Why is it most of the elected Republicans have turned on Tea Party members who helped elect them? It’s because the green-eyed monster of jealously is an intregal part of the nature of those who lust for power to control others.The elected don’t want the tea party telling them what to do. Anymore than the President wants the Congress telling him what to do. It’s elementary understanding of how political power operates.

This latest bombshell news, concerning the absence of any congressional opposition to IRS attacks on individual citizens in the tea party, to support their approval of IRS actions, is simply an old “coat-holder” tactic of politics.

I’m not a political activist, however became involved in politics for a very short time back in the sixties, and discovered in short order how it operates, and got out as quickly as I jumped in.

It is difficult for me to comprehend why good and decent freedom loving American Citizens think letter writing to those they elected, who have by their laws, policies, regulations and edicts are the architects of the downfall into the absymal mediocrity of Socialism, will listen to their cries to return to Principles this nation was founded upon. When it is obvious they have abandoned that notion, sometime ago. Most are lawyers, and understand the Constitution, and of their own volition refuse to abide by.

Why spend time, energy and money, on impeachment of the President? When so much easier to impeach your Congressmen from your district or state. And is they who hold the reins to a greater power than one president. Only Congress can impeach the president, and the majority in Congress on his side.

The things the Tea Party stands for, appears to be a noble idea, however their ideas relative on how to change the direction of currents, is downright foolish, and ineffective to accomplish their goals. Consequently, conditions going from bad to worse daily, in the morally repugnant direction we’re going, specifically the enslavement of Socialism. We’re in a hole, why do you keep digging?

Stop your tactics of letter writing. Politicians can’t tolerate being ignored, they crave the energy of attention, even negative attention. Use your time, energy and money, to gather in small groups locally, to oust the troublemakers, who obviously despise you and your attempts to change things through them. All the thousands of letter writing, obviously energized the direction they have taken this country. It ain’t working, simply because a it’s bad idea from the outset.

Who am I, one might ask, to be suggesting what can be done? I’m just suggesting what could be done, if changing directions is the object. It’s my Country and my freedom, and my tax money I pay. Therefore voice my opinion. I spent 24 years of my life supporting a military officer, who fought in three wars for this country. I raised children and took care of his sick parents, while he was away fighting for this country. The least I can do nowdays is speak up and speak out, as I watch conditions go from bad to worse in this country. Silence gives consent.

It was Danish philosopher Scren who said, “Truth always rests with the minority, because the minority is generally formed by those who really have an opinion, while the strength of a majority is illusory, formed by gangs who have no opinion and who therefore, in the next instant, when it is evident that the minority is the stronger, assume its opinion…while Truth again reverts to a new minority.”

Let Freedom Ring
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