It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything about the tax-supported public school system. And I can report the status quo remains unchanged. It’s still a system of thievery, indoctrinating children and not educating, a breeding place for various degrees of crime and one of the most costly departments of political government. Costing billions to hard-working tax-payers across this Nation.

Hardly a week goes by without some form of bad news taking place in the public school system. Just this week, two headline news items. One about the evidence of heroin found in the teachers’ lounge. Attempts to investigate met with resistance from the powerful teachers union, the NEA.

Here in my state of Georgia, ongoing news about the massive fraud ring of educators in DeKalb County. This week, one principal admitted and convicted of fraudulent activities, costing tax-payers millions. Tears welled up in his eyes before the court as he admitted his criminal acts. Given a suspended sentence. The widespread cheating scandal involves a number of others yet to be tried in court. Lies upon lies, relative to activities of well-paid educators responsible for teaching young children, performing criminal acts.

The last report I read from the budget office, over half of Georgia’s revenue went in to financing the tax-supported school system, which does not educate but indoctrinates students into the philosophy of Socialism. Over 8 billion dollars funds the compulsory attendance system here in Georgia. Multiply that by 50 states. Greater amounts in some other states.

News about students bullying students, kids killing kids, teachers having sex with students, drug use among students and teachers, inflated test scores, massive acts of fraud over the handling of money. Fights on school bus, and on and on every week, criminal activities in the public school system.

I never cease to be amazed at the number of well-meaning parents who continue sending their children to public schools, disguised as education, instead halls of indoctrination. Many good and well-meaning teachers, and well-meaning parents, voluntarily participate in this system.

It was back in the sixties, while living in Nevada, I realized just how rotten the system is. Removed my children from the system and home-schooled when it was unacceptable, and faced arrest more than once for defiance of the compulsory attendance law.

That old southern saying, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s (pig) ear,” is a truism. By the same token, you can’t have morality in an immoral system. The public school is based upon a system of thievery, funded by government collected taxes. And taxes by definition are an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property, hence thievery. Therefore thievery breeds more thievery, as evidenced by the huge scandals in the school system here in Georgia.

By its very nature, the public school system is one of Socialism. Therefore a system of Socialism teaches Socialism. This was my shocking discovery back in the sixties. Therefore there’s nothing anyone can do to improve, because it’s the system itself, based upon that which is contrary to the Principles upon which this nation was founded. If you have the audacity to doubt the veracity of this, you only have to study the text books used in the school, to find the proof.

Today some parents home-school, and others send their children to private schools which are very expensive, and unfortunately use the same text-books as public schools to teach. Education is acquisition of knowledge. And truth is that which is, the absence of a lie. And Socialism is a system of bondage. Contrary to Freedom.

Now-a-days, great emphasis is placed on sports in the public school system. Nothing wrong with sports, actually a good thing, but the degree of emphasis placed on sports activities, frequently masks the underlying premise of lack of educating, as if promoting a student to excel in sports is the barometer of education. A substitute for learning, reading, writing, arithmetic, history and science, graduating students with fake scores in these areas as evidenced in the school scandals, outpictured in the court trials now ongoing in this state.

Any parent truly interested in the education of their child, should pay close attention to the ongoing court trials here in the state of Georgia, relative to the misconduct of educators. Schooling is supposed to educate, not indoctrinate then compound by false test scores. One might think, “Oh that’s not happening in my kid’s school!!”

Unfortunately we’re living in the 5th or 6th generation of public schooling indoctrination. Most parents are products of the same system.

What is happening in this country today, as we experience the collapse of departure from the Principles this nation was founded upon, i.e., individual freedom and a free-enterprising system, replaced by a system of Socialism, the root cause can be traced back to the tax-supported public school system. Now operated under the auspices of the National Education Association, one of the most powerful unions in this country, which most teachers belong to.

Schooling, in order to educate, instead of indoctrinate, should be in the free-enterprising system. There’s nothing anyone can do to improve conditions in the system which now exists. Only by dismantling and replacing with a different system, can one expect positive change. Because the current system operated by local school boards, that’s the only place to start if one desires change. From the ground up, not from the top down.

Every nine months in this country, a new batch of students graduate, indoctrinated in the tenets of the Philosophy of Socialism. Not the Philosophy of Freedom this nation was founded upon.



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