I’m up again at one a.m., and the first thing I saw on TV was excerpts from Vice President Joe Biden’s appearance on “The View.” Followed by the Hannity program on Fox, interviewing left-wing pundits expressing their opinion about the Vice President and his remarks on The View.

The current news cycle relates to the Vice President’s remarks, appearing on television, explaining how women are working in dead-end jobs, just so they can have company-paid insurance, and the VP expressing his position to assist women to be in a position to stay home, take care of their children, not work, and enjoy Freedom.

This position is being interpreted to suggest, give up your job, go on Government subsidy program, and enjoy Freedom. Which is promoting an already pervasive sub-culture in this country. It’s no secret, untold numbers of women, staying home, having one child after another, staying single in order to qualify for government subsidies. They don’t get married, for fear of being disqualified, just have live-in boyfriends.

I personally know recipients of this lifestyle, and one attractive young woman, with four children, recently died in her sleep from an overdose of drugs. Her teenage daughter was pregnant and unmarried when she passed, left to take care of another 5 year old brother. The mother did not work, but drew government checks for herself and her children. Other children in DFACS.

If one watches daily televised, live court case hearings, women living this lifestyle of staying home, having one child after another being subsided by tax-paid money, for herself and each additional child, is very prevalent in this country.

Vice President Biden is the second ranking official in the Executive branch of government, advocating this kind of lifestyle is an irresponsible outrage. The same man the President spoke about in one of his talks when campaigning, saying, “No one messes with Joe.” Now it seems Joe is messing with young childbearing women, by advocating a lifestyle, contrary to common sense.

Compounding his irrational, by suggesting this route, of not working, giving up one’s job, for insurance on the AHA, means Freedom. The meaning of freedom is definitely not such irresponsible lifestyle decisions. Which points up a second important fact, he does not understand the meaning of Freedom.

In a nutshell, we the people have elected a top ranking politician, as the second in line in the highest ranking office, advocating women in “dead-end” jobs, quit, stay home with their children, draw tax-paid subdies, and sign on to government mandated health care, and enjoy Freedom!! A proposed route of living one’s life under Socialism. Not Freedom.

Stephen Grabill of the “Action Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty” stated: “Collectivism is defined as the theory and practice that makes some sort of group rather than the fundamental unit of political, social, and economic concern. In theory collectivists insist that the claim of groups, associations, or the State must normally, supersede the claims of individuals.”

In this connection, the pitch by the Vice President advocates, more should be joining the already large group of women staying home, having one child after another, in order to draw tax subsidies, and not having to work. Taking from the haves to give to have-nots, so they can be free not to work and qualify for subsidized government insurance.

A total abandonment of the Founding Principles set forth by our founding fathers in the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence, the Vice President of the United States took an oath to uphold.

Andrew Berstein, of the “Capitalistic Manifesto” stated, “Statism – the subordination of the individual to the State leads inevitably to the most hideous oppression.”

Instead of advocating “no one mess with Joe,” shouldn’t it be Joe should stop messing around with promotion of women not working, staying home for tax-payers to take care of?

Let Freedom Ring

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