If you have ever observed chickens wandering around in the yard, or driven by a farm with cows and horses, and observe their behavior, you will notice there’s a pecking order, grouping as they feast on food. Then suddenly changing from one group to another, while continuing with pecking for food. So it is with human beings. All have a “pecking order” we frequently change, go outside one pecking order, then return or proceed to some other.

Having lived longer than most, I grew up in an era where one’s pecking order revolved around family, because I had grandparents and even great grandparents living, lots of cousins, aunts and uncles. Attending, a large county school to graduation, some of the teachers were family members. An era when my parents kept up with happenings in school, and goings on locally, state wide and internationally via radio and newspapers. Kept abreast of happenings politically, and gathered to discuss issues. We argued a lot, and encouraged to speak up and voice opinions from an early age.

Today, everything quite different. Most mothers working outside the home, coming home tired with much to do, have little time to listen to their children, and their day in the public school system. Not all but the majority of parents have their own agenda of unmet needs to focus upon. Children who have a stay-at-home mom are the lucky ones to be there when they return from school, to listen to and help with home-work. To kiss their hurts and give a hug.

On the other hand, so many children pre-occupied with a variety of electronic gadgetry and television, there’s a rift between children and parenting a mile wide, out-pictured in news events we read about. Most parents unaware the high grades their child brings home, frequently the managed lie, and phony grades mask non-learning. Many children bored and find ways to be entertained.

Yesterday I went shopping with an 8 year old grandchild, sitting in the back seat with toys and electronic gadgetry, spoke up and said she was bored. She has a room full of toys, books, telephone, computer and television, and says she’s bored.

Then I got a call last evening about an 8 year-old boy shipped off to a state instution, on drugs with a pending court case for shooting a BB gun at a motorist.

Life in America, land of the free, has changed dramatically, from the top down and bottom up. So many frustrated not knowing which way to turn. Nor where to begin. In my opinion, we begin with Truth. Facing the reality of all that’s happening, in one’s home life and politically. Because all of us profoundly affected relative to what’s happening politically whether we admit it or not.

When my children came home from school with lessons to do, I made no bones about saying to them, we’re going to have a counter brain-washing session. I made no bones, pointing out in their lessons, fact from fiction. Prompted by the time one child came home one day, with an assignment to write a paper on “how to be a good loser.”

Then I recall another time, home from Sunday school. I asked what she learned and she said the talk was about, “over yonder” and asked where yonder is. All a parent needs to do is listen to the child, and ask questions about what they are being taught, to discover what’s going on in their lives from a very early age. And not wait for the results when they reach teenage years.

For starters, the parent must realize most being taught in halls of learning is “mind control.” Not being taught how to think but what to think.

In this great country we live in, so much has changed, however, “Truth is still that which is and the absence of a lie.” And we are overdue to begin realizing this. Begin by asking yourself if you desire to return to the Principles upon which this nation was founded, or continue in the direction we’re going, then decide to change things , beginning at home with your children.

At this juncture in our history, we the people have pretty much turned our decision making over to Others, to dictate and decide what to think, how to think, what to do and not to do, in this era of doles and controls.

As Dr.Phil says, “How’s that working for you?” And all of us innately know, not very well, therefore it’s up to us individually to make changes in our manner of thinking, if we expect different out-comes. We are in a deep ditch in this country, mired to the gills in Socialism, which is the antithesis of freedom. It’s a system of bondage. A system which does not and cannot change itself, only worsens as time marches on.

Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas said: “When a legislature undertakes to proscribe the exercise of a citizen’s Constitutional Rights it acts lawlessly, and the citizen can take matters into his own hands and proceed on the basis that such a law is no law at all.”


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