Life does not change, but the way we live it does. Principles never change, but our values constantly change. So much has changed between my growing up years and today’s living. Yet there are some things which never change. The teachings of morality as stated in such documents as the Declaration of Independence and the Ten Commandments, remain as true today as they were at the time they came forth.

I grew up in the Great Depression, when the family was the center of everything. Schooling, the church, politics, and the economy were freely discussed among young and old. The subject of money was rarely discussed openly, but earning it, having it and spending it was usually prevalent in discussions, but not openly discussed.

Schools and family were the centers of education. Churches were the centers of worship, politics were the friend and enemy, and banks were feared.The era of the thirties and forties were dominated by the first really effective Socialist president, FDR. His rule, the war and his economics changed life as we knew it forever. His policies were the topic of conversation, and I grew up in a family that hated the things he promoted and passed into law.

When he died in 1945, so much had changed, life in the south was never the same. Families were broken apart and scattered, the medium of exchange, money, had changed. Farm life changed. Industrial life in factories came under the dictates of political government. The things taught in schools changed. It took a few years later before much changed in religious institutions.

As the years passed, the creativity and ingenuity of the American way of life, invented so many new things which improved our lives, while the Principles upon which this nation was founded, i.e. freedom of the individual and the free-enterprising capitalistic system, diminished and gave way for more and more centralized political intervention and restrictions.

We were the greatest Nation in the world. The strongest economy, most powerful military, a hard-working productive people, with Christianity the most prevalent religion, however so much has changed, so different and I daresay not for the better.

More and more political laws, violations of the Constitution, restrictions on individual Freedom, a political system peering into every facet of our lives, schools which do not educate but indoctrinate, dismantling of the military. Churches which no longer stand up and speak out about all the wrong-doings. Now a pall of fear setting in among the citizenry across this country. To speak up, and take a stand against the take-over, sets one up to be a target of the regime now in control.

We can understand what has happened and how it all happened and what to expect next by taking an objective look at the history of civilization. Because it follows a precise pattern. And plenty of information available for any and everyone to know what’s happening.

By taking a look at China, Germany, Poland, Russia and all the other countries which have fallen under bondage we can understand the pattern we here in the United States are following.

As the President dismantles our military and addresses response to bloody take-over in other countries, talks about “drawing a red-line” and announcing “Consequences” to such killing fields in Syria and the Ukraine. Feigning no-consequential leadership, by meaningless words.

In an interview by the US Ambassador to the Ukraine, he plainly stated Ukraine listens to Russia first, European Union second and United States third. This once great power of the United States, now reduced to no one listening. In Afghanistan, where we have spent billions in dollars and many lives lost, the leader of that little country thumbs his nose at the US government.

It is glaringly apparent, the leadership of Congress and the Executive branch in this country is focused upon bringing this country down and under the yoke of Socialism and a One world-government, by impeding individual freedom and obstruction of the Free-enterprising system. By implementation of the philosophy of Marxist Communism.

Continued in PART TWO

Let Freedom Ring
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