Last evening, in the middle of watching a TV program, my phone rang. I picked up the receiver and heard someone talking. I asked, Are you a live person? No answer, and quickly discovered it was a robot call from a politician. First time I’ve received one of those since Mike Huckabee was running for the Rebublican nominee presidency. I started to hang up, when I felt like I should hang on, to find out who was calling.

Shortly into the call I heard the name Doug Collins, Congressman from Georgia ninth District. Wondered why I was being called, and hung on and listened for the entire pitch of conversations between Congressman Collins and local constituents. Absolutely fascinating, listening live to a politician answer questions from the citizenry. And I listened throughout the entire calling session.

Because my intense interest is in what’s happening to my country overall, politically, I’ve been mostly focused on what’s happening from the top down, and not on local politics. However, recently because of the snowstorm, and adverse effects on so many, became a bit more interested in state politics and wrote several articles about Governor Nathan Deal

I must say, I was rather impressed with the callers, which were mostly veterans, with concerns about their absence of benefits that they are entitled to as a result of their military service. Seeking assistance from their Congressman. However other calls wanting assistance with their problems

Secondly, I was surprised and impressed by the Congressman’s response and attitude, as he responded to call-in questions. He readily answered questions and came across as one sincerely interested in a solution to the questions posed.

The first thing I did this morning was Google the name, Doug Collins, and discovered, he had served in the military as a chaplain, had a law degree, studied political science and business, born in this city, elected to the State House from this district, and grew up in this county. And a Republican.

If one were asked to write a paper on qualifications for a political candidate, what could be more impressive than one with a background as a Christian minister, with a law degree, a military veteran, and experience in a State elected position, then announcing his experiences gave him, “A whole different perspective of what Freedom is like and what the lack of it is like?”

To this hypothetical, my question would be, “How do you define Freedom?”

Further information on Google search revealed, Georgia’s 14th seat in US House, result of Re-apportionment, in a fast growing conservative part of the state, the 9th district. According to “the Cook Political report,” it is the fourth most Republican district in the Country, the most Republican in Georgia and the most Republican in the eastern time zone.

Listening to Congressman Collins last evening on the robot call, reading his background, then checking the district he hails from, all sound almost too good to be true. One might think he’s in a position to influence the direction of this country, to get us out of the ditch of Socialism. Can he, will he, if so how?

From my short stint involved in the political process in Tennessee, the first thing I discovered is, “the seduction of politics” can be very manipulative, to change one’s values. And because this country is on a fast track of dismantling the Principles upon which it was founded, reducing to a different system of Socialism, it’s going to take miraculous change in direction, to salvage the principles of the Declaration of Independence and a return to adherence to the laws of the Constitution and a way of life founded upon Christian Principles.

It’s my opinion and firm belief, any positive change will only come from bottom up, not top down. From the hearts and minds of individuals who understand Freedom and have a burning desire to have it. Because so many are jumping on entitlement programs, taking from the haves to give to have nots, who among us is interested in changing that direction?

Despite Congressman Collins’ impressive background, and his amiable response to callers last evening, his calls were pretty much from constitutents wanting to know what the political centralized government could do for them. It was Kennedy who said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

This country needs a leader who understands Freedom, and promotes the idea of the self-responsibility required to be free.

Promotes the idea of Capitalistic Free-enterprising system, not promotion of more governmental hand-outs. Because political government has nothing until it first takes from someone, ie, producers to non-producers.

I have two hard-working entreprenurial sons who have a business, and pay staggering amounts of taxes, to support the non-producers. Those non-producers who simply want more and stand in line for more and more hand-outs from government. All is never enough for those dependent upon government hand-outs. Some say they want a job, and even look to government to provide that, instead of going out and creating a job for themselves.

To turn the tide on the current trek to disaster, the citizenry of this nations needs an attitude adjustment, first and foremost.
Supreme Court Justice John Harlan said, “In view of the Constitution, in the eye of the law, there is in this country no superior dominant, ruling class of citizens. There is no caste here. Our Constitution is color-blind and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens”- 1899 -1971.

The Constitution has been ignored and today we do have a ruling class.



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