We are living in a world of fast track, lying, spying and conniving. How do you prepare yourself to live your daily life in a world where stealing is so pervasive? No guarantees about anything, however one can prepare themselves to be in a better position to cope on a daily basis by arming one’s self with a few elementary Truths.

When I turned on the news this morning, the first thing I heard was a story about the Veterans Administration destroying hundreds of documents, from veterans who need medical help. Many waiting lengthy periods for a response. Now the news is their records of application have been deliberately destroyed, while they still wait for help with their war injuries.

The next news segment featured Vice President Joe Biden on “The View” program, explaining how signing on to Obamacare is the route to a woman’s Freedom. He says, many women holding down a job simply for company insurance, and by signing on to the Affordable Care Act, they will have less to pay which enables some to enjoy the Freedom of staying home and not working. Obviously the VP does not understand Freedom, gets on national television with illogical explanations, promoting untruths.

From news reports Obamacare is no bargain, but elevated premium cost, and many signing up have their existing policies cancelled. Secondly, how can not working provide the money for insurance at any price? And thirdly, because Freedom is self-responsibility and self-control, how can giving up one’s income by not working, provide the self-responsibility to pay for anything?

His appearance on The View, was the most glaring lesson in the illogic of political propaganda the American people are being fed on-going daily. Truth is that which is and the absence of a lie. Truth always has a different ring, and so does a lie.

Because the citizenry of this country, being spoonfed so many untruths on a regular basis, an individual must form some kind of formula for thenselves individually, to decipher truth from all the untruths being fed on a regular basis.

Lies are value judgments and Truth stems from Universal Principles.Therefore in order to understand truth, one must understand the difference in those two things. The Ten Commandments are the best guide we have available to decipher Right from wrong.

For myself, personally the best guide for separating lies from Truth, is simply asking the question, “Does it involve thievery?” Thievery is simply taking one’s property in violation of the Will of the Owner. Therefore to understand Right from wrong, one must understand the concept of property Ownership.

Killing is wrong because it robs one of the Property of their life in violation of the Will of the owner. Ownership of one’s self is the first Law. And secondly, one must own property in order to exist. Perhaps an over-simplification, one owns the hamburger they’re eating, but points up the fact one must own property to exist.

Despite the seemingly over simplification, for anyone to understand Truth, and Freedom, in opposition to lies and bondage, one must comprehend the concept of property ownership. When you do it is easy to know the difference in Truth and a lie. And the difference in Freedom and enslavement. A good book to read is “This Bread is Mine” by Robert LeFevre.

Currently the news is dominated by the Ifs, Buts, and Aims of “Obamacare.” So confusing to most, comparable to untangling “barbed wire.” However, it really is quite simple, it is wrong because it’s based upon force of taking one’s property in violation of the Will of the Owner. One’s money is one’s property. Forcing one to pay for something they might not need nor want, for themselves, or forcing others to pay for it is the bottom line for Obamacare.

Over the years, we have tolerated Political government intrusion of demand for payment in almost all areas of our lives. The last straw, violating one’s Right to live Free, is the crossing of the boundaries of one’s body and health. You own your body because only you have the Right to control it, by virtue of the fact you exist. By virtue of the fact, we are now living under a political system, that dictates that which you can and must do relative to your health, on top of mandates of genetically modifying our food supply, that kills rats, one must ask, what’s left to express freedom to sustain life?

It is my responsibility, the same as yours, to sustain my life and Health. No matter what political government does or says, claiming responsibility for it, is the big lie. An impossibility for political government to be responsible for Life and Health. Government can take over control of Roads, Schools, and other areas of property, but cannot take over charge of one’s health, without destructive consequences. And any attempts to do so is the dilemma we the people face today. It is all so wrong, because it violates the principle of ownership of one’s self.

Just this morning, I heard the President claim, 3 million have signed on to Obamacare. There are over 300 million persons in this country. How do they continue to live if their health is the responsibility of political government? The fact is one’s health is in the hands of the self-government of freedom, not political government.

A child knows the difference in truth and a lie. The question is why have We the People, living in the greatest nation in the world, smart, hard-working and so educated we sent a man to the moon, buying into all this political propaganda, the government can be responsible for your health? Their attempts to do so, have already denied many of their insurance. Now hospitals going out of business, and many businesses failing because they cannot bear the burden of taxes imposed upon them as a result of Obamacare. Government control of Health care, the most devastating law passed to date.

We know politicians can screw up a one-car parade. How on earth does one justify their intrusion into our very bodies by all the propaganda of the Affordable health care act?

If the Vice President of the United States is so ignorant about the meaning of freedom, to go on national televison, with a pitch, one can quit their job, to be free and afford Obamacare, and we’re not paying attention to the absurdity of that claim, God help us!!!

James Madison, Father of our Constitution said, “If the laws are so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood, if they be repeated before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man who knows what the law is today can guess what it will bring tomorrow.”

Words of wisdom, spoken back in early 1800’s as if he were standing over the current Obamacare, it’s incumbent upon us to review and pay attention to those so apparently smarter than we are today. Words of wisdom not taught in the public school system, and only found in old history books.

Before we go forward, perhaps going backwards and reminding ourselves of the wisdom of our founding fathers, as a guide to our understanding of what the future holds, should be given serious consideration. Obviously we need help understanding Right from Wrong, the difference in a lie and Truth, plus the concept of property ownership and the real meaning of freedom.

The current wisdom of Dr. Phil tells us, “We can’t change that which we refuse to acknowledge.”


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