Stormy weather moving through beautiful north Georgia awakened me quite early. As usual I get on the computer and write about whatever pops into my head. This morning, a strong urge to review some of the things I’ve written about over the past six years on my web-site.

As a result of over one-thousand posted articles, several hundred thousand comments, with 18,000 still to be moderated, I get a sense of the tempo of the people. At the core of all I write about is the “Philosophy of Freedom.” It’s my conclusion, the reason we’re on a fast track of Socialism, replacing a life in Freedom is because most don’t understand the meaning of Freedom, and really don’t want the self-responsibility of it.

It is out-pictured in the fact so many signed on to entitlement programs of political government. Specifically, they want the property(money) earned by others, transferred over to them, without working for it. A system of legalized thievery.

In the original formation of this Republic and its Constitutional government, the purpose of the centralized government was to protect the people from Foreign and Domestic enemies. Taxes were levied on the people for that purpose.

There are two areas of justifiable payments by political government. One is for the military, because we need a strong, well-equipped military to protect this country from foreign and domestic enemies. And those who dedicate their lives in the military, ought to be well paid on active duty and retirement pay for their service to this country.

Secondly, Social Security payments due those who have paid into the system. Despite the fact the Supreme Court defined as a tax and not an insurance program, it was originally supposed to be administered like an insurance program when enacted in 1913.

That is money arbitrarily collected from the wage earner, to go into a fund, to receive monthly payments upon retirement. Therefore Social Security monthly payments were originally designed to be reimbursed back to the one paying into the system upon retirement. The law forces wage earners to pay into the system, with a promise of reimbursement, via monthly payments upon retirement. Therefore one is entitled to collect on the money they have paid into the system.

All the dozens of other so-called entitlement programs, take from producers to give to non-producers, which is a system of arrogant thievery. Taking one’s property (money) without consent of the owner defines stealing. A system that’s rampant in this country today. Denying an owner of his property, causes collateral damage, because others benefit from that which belongs to him, instead. Not only is he denied use for himself, he’s denied the joy of voluntary sharing, because it is taken, and not voluntarily given, by the force of a political system.

The two great moral guides, the Declaration of Independence and the Ten Commandments, teach us stealing is wrong, and Freedom is self-responsibility, and the core of morality, that is Right from Wrong, is responsibility for private property ownership. Individuals have an inalienable Right to own property, and must be able to in order to exist.

The original Constitution, designed to protect from Domestic enemies, has been violated by our current system of government, because instead of protecting our property ownership Rights, centralized government has become the biggest thief, grinding out more and more laws designed to take more and more. Politicians attempting to justify by passing laws designed to make stealing legal.

From the Universal laws of the Ten Commandments, which clearly state, “Thou shalt not Steal,” we the people march to the polls to place in power over us, more and more politicians who continue taking more and more, giving the permission to take and squander property, as evidenced by the staggering debt, supporting others in other countries, and non-producers in this country. Evidence of the seduction of politics, and the collateral damage of the system of thievery.

It was Lenin, the father of Communism, whose aim was to rule the planet via a Communistic system of Socialism said, “The United States we shall not have to attack, it will fall into our hands like overripe fruit.” And so it has, without a shot being fired, we are in the latter stages of the take-over by a few, lusting for power of a One World government.

So here we are, just over two hundred years after the formation of a system, that provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization, living under the bondage of Socialism, ignoring the laws of the Constitution, and abandoning the self-responsibility required to be Free. Millions lining up for free hand-outs in this country, while millions of foreigners flock to this country, in line for free hand-outs issued by our current government.

Thousands of veterans who have fought for this country are unable to obtain that which was promised to them. Plus thousands of other eligible for Social Security benefits they have already paid for, unable to obtain. While non-veterans and non-payers of Social Security, reap the benefits. Why is that, we must ask? And the answer is, we the people have set it up and allowed it to happen.

No foreign outside enemy has caused the dismantling of the Principles upon which this nation was founded. No foreign enemy has invaded and destroyed the free-enterprising system. And no foreign enemy has taken away our Freedom and Private Property ownership Rights. We the people have voted into power those among us who have destroyed that which we held near and dear at one time in our history.

How come a foreign Communist leader in the early part of the last century, knew this country would fall into the hands of a Socialist system, without a shot being fired, and we the people, living here, failed to recognize that possibility? We were indoctrinated into Socialism, via the socialized public school system, then further convinced to accept it in the halls of so-called Higher learning institutions. Our current ditch mired to our gills in Communistic-Fascist Socialism, is no happenstance nor accident. We were indoctrinated to accept in the schools, via the Press, and elected politicians. We were brainwashed by a technique. Brought to our attention during the Korean war.

Go back and read the article I wrote sometime ago, about the man who captured wild hogs in the Okefenokee swanp of south Georgia, and his simple philosophy of how to do it. How we reached our current plight of bondage is not rocket science. A child can understand it.

James Madison, father of the Constitution said this: “Do not separate text from historical background. If you do you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government.”



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