Here we are, still in January of 2014, with the same stories dominating the news plus a few new added ones. Much is in the news to keep us depressed, repressed, and obsessed, wondering what next? A dazzling amount of footwork on-going, nationally and internationally. The underlying theme of all of it is Power and Money.

The stock market keeps rising, as interest rates keep lowering. There’s a correlation between the two. The stock market is the ticket of the rich to make more money to tax and trap those, ie, the majority living off the welfare, gathered and re-distributed to those not working.

In the news, about what President Obama is doing, not doing. Plus what other politicians are saying, doing and not doing. News about the weather around the globe. Stories about war and terrorism. Headline news about sports, from the super bowl to the up-coming Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Terrorism, and acts of terrorists surrounding that event. Underlying theme relative to all of it is political power and money power.

So what is money? It’s simply a medium of exchange. Currently it’s the American paper dollar, which is accepted around the world as the medium of exchange. Nothing of any intrinsic value backing it, it is just accepted because a political system tells us to. Actually we don’t use the paper dollar very much as money anymore, instead such things as plastic bank cards and food-stamps, as the medium of exchange. They are accepted as money. Actually we could use shoe-laces if the people accepted them.

We are living in an era of acceptance of substitutes for the real thing. We accept lies for truths, government schooling for education, genetically modified food for real nutrition, food-stamps for money, and the saddest substitute of all, Socialism for Freedom.

As a result of this lifestyle and era of substitutes, we are constantly, acting and re-acting to the results of substitutes, wandering around in a world of wilderness and unreality, we keep listening to news reports hoping someone somewhere, will provide us some magic bullet solution to resolve all the problems created by our lifestyles of substitutes.

We keep looking for a political solution to a politically created problem. Repetitiously being told via the managed news media, the solution can be found and realized by voting into power same-o or different politicians. When in reality, conditions in this country and around the world, by geometric progression, keep going from bad to worse.

Nothing is going to change for the better, until we change our values. There are certain and definite Principles which operate this Universe, and no amount of human values of substitutes, in any way, shape, form nor fashion can change that. That which is Right and Wrong, remain unchanged. Therefore the question before us is this: Why have we accepted the lies and substitutes, for the reality of Truth?

All the clichés of truth, seemingly so outmoded, still apply, we are all familiar with. “You can’t get blood out of a turnip.” “Don’t go to the fox to find out what happened to the chickens.” “Nature will have its way.”

The lonely seed you plant for food to sustain life, has innate intelligence to reproduce its kind. But we as human beings, have become so indoctrinated with substitutes, we now accept the genetic modification of seeds, developed and promoted by the evil intent of those out to rule and destroy, which science tells us, kills animals when they eat the genetically modified food.

How did this happen? We are informed in the news, politicians we the people elected, passed laws, who were paid a lot of money, to piggy-back laws enacted to give Monsanto authority to genetically modify the food supply, which is non-conducive to our health, well-being and Life. Then accept, the government mandated food-stamp program, as the means of obtaining the ill-fated food supply, designed to destroy one’s health. Then what did we do?

Implemented Obamacare, to take from some to pay for all the sick problems of others, brought on by the ill-fated food supply the government voted into being, by politicians we the people placed into power.

What a hellish mess we have made of all the great things Nature has provided to us to live the good life!! Nothing happenstance about the conditions we face today. By geometric progression, we intelligent human beings have brought about of our own volition, specifically by the approval of political traps we voted into power.

Go back and read the article I wrote sometime back about how the one-gallused stranger trapped wild hogs in the Okefenokee swamp. When the locals wanted to know how he did it, he explained, by first getting them to accept a free handout, and saying he could trap any animal by first getting it to accept a free handout.

The lesson relative to the question, “how did we get here” is clearly an easy one. We accepted the free handout of stolen loot. Taking from the haves to give to have-nots, which is in defiance of the natural laws of the Universe. The trap was set by politicians we elected, in defiance of the laws of the Original Constitution of this country. Today the consensus of opinion is that more of the same is going to solve our problems. Taking from the haves of Wall Street to solve the problems of Main Street.

Our current dilemma was not caused by Communist leaders in other countries, nor by the terrorist groups taking over other countries. We voted into power a government group who take from producers in this country to support these enslaving groups in other countries. We the people paid for the training of these groups to infiltrate this country, to live among us to promote their agenda. From bottom up producers to top down ruling politicians, lie the answers.

We have lost our stinger, without a shot being fired. We have voluntarily handed over our inalienable Right to live free, to a group of power lusting rulers. And nothing on the horizon, to indicate any change in direction, any time soon. As conditions go from bad to worse daily.

As Dr. Phil says, “Past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior.”

LET Freedom Ring
Just me AC


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