I’ve been writing articles on my website now almost seven years. Over one-thousand articles posted, and several hundred thousand comments, from various countries around the world.

I have written on a variety of subjects, from parenting to politics, from gardening to philosophy. The underlying theme of anything and everything I write about, is Freedom. Because I place such a high value on my Freedom, I wish to convey ideas to my readers about their Freedom. Specifically for two main reasons, it’s the basic premise upon which this nation was founded, and secondly, because it has become taboo to talk about it, the loss of it to a large degree is the reason we are now living in a different system of Socialism.

Personally, my interests in life cover a large variety of things. I’m curious about many things, love ideas. I have a great love of learning new things, and broadening my knowledge in areas of interest. And well aware there’s much I don’t know. The one area which never ceases to amaze me, is the amount of time and energy so many express over nothingness, out-pictured in many comments I receive.

On my website this morning there were 16,839 comments, not yet moderated, and here’s the first one I read from Karolyn, in response to article issue 1062, titled All the World Loves Two Things Only – A Winner & A Parade. “That means bury the cute lock-up Shield of the ones that are used by neopats to show the age of your accounts are subject to trickery.” A nonsensical remark, so bankrupt of rational thought, I wonder why one bothers to write it and send to me.

Then there was another comment, in response to an article discussing current politics, on how to roof a house. Just two of the off the wall comments I frequently receive. Not only do such nonsensical comments bore me, they take up my time to delete when insinuated onto my website.

Despite the fact I receive many interesting and timely and intelligent comments, it’s quite disturbing to read the number of people who bother to comment and say nothing, aside from statements so farfetched, which make no sense, I wonder why.

There is so much in this life and world, beautiful and wonderful to write about, plus much to express that’s wrong and needs improvement that we can converse about, what is the purpose behind one’s time and energy used expressing stupidity, by advertising it?

In this information age we live in, so much information is available, free of charge, for anyone to be informed about any subject, there’s no excuse for ignorance and stupidity. Conversely, we are all exposed to pervasive propaganda of lies, coming from the people involved in political offices of information, so transparent, anyone of average intelligence can readily see through. And in this connection, it is encouraging news that many now are seeing through the veil of hypocrisy of propaganda, promoted by those out to destroy the Principles this nation was founded upon.

Each one of us still has the Freedom to think, and figure out things for ourselves and distinguish between lies and the truth, and decide on what we believe and want, to be informed, to act in our best interests. We are not sacrificial animals, here on this earth for the benefit of others. In this connection, it can be helpful to once in awhile, stop the jack-hammer drum-beat of propaganda and ask one’s self, “Where did I come from, why Am I here and where am I going?”

The direction this country is headed is the wrong direction. And the responsibility of each individual to decide whether or not to be swept up in it by agreement and sanction, or whether or not to return to the Principles as outlined in the great moral guides of the Ten Commandments and the Declaration of Independence. Simple Truths of Universal law, we have allowed a political system to override by man-made laws.

Keep in mind, all man-made laws are commensurate with, or in opposition to those simple truths of Universal laws. And not rocket science to distinguish the difference. Seven of the Ten Commandments inform us of that which we should “not” do, while only three tell us that which we should do.

The bottom line of the seven, which inform us of what “not” to do, deal with thievery. “Thou shalt not kill” tells us that taking the life of another is an act of thievery, ie, taking one’s life in violation of the Will of the owner.

In this connection, to understand what is taking place in this country, is not complicated, because the man-made laws of politicians, deal with one’s Life and property, without exception, they deal with political government “taking” of one’s property. And because taxes by definition is the taking of one’s property in violation of the Will of the owner, hence a system of thievery.

In spite of all the dress-up rhetoric of “do-goodism” and “equality” promoted and hawked by politicians and the left-wing managed press, to justify this current system of thievery, which has brought this nation to the brink of collapse, in a country of smart, intelligent, educated people, we have allowed and accepted this system of thievery to “Transform America.” When the truth is, a child understands stealing is wrong.

The answers and solutions to “what’s wrong” in this country are not complicated. The simple truth is we have embraced thievery as an act, acceptable, so long as performed by politicians. And only by recognition and acceptance of this fact, can we hope to return this Country and a former way of Life, back to the Principles upon which it was founded.

So long as we accept the stolen loot as an entitlement, we accept the direction we are going will only worsen on the trek to a totalitarian one World system of government. Which is much closer to realization than most recognize. “What fools We mortals Be”!!!

LET Freedom Ring
Just Me AC

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